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Queen Key - Chicken Chicken Freestyle lyrics


[Verse one: Queen Key]
b**hes think it's chicken till I get retarded
f**ing faces treating n***as I'm the one who start it
Pop up in a party b**hes get to partying
When I get up in that mood I'm not no f**ing artic
Ion give a f** I got a million bucks
Chock a b**h in a public ion give a million f**s
That b**h Key a monster she a f**ing nut
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Yo n***a beg to eat my a** and I'm like what the f**
b**hes tryna surf cause I'm the new wave
I got a new face damn they call him new slave
Everybody on me I'm like who bae
They like that b**h pretty she be going too cray
b**hes think it's sweet until I get to tweakin
I don't know sh** about no deacon but I do be preachin
b**hes I'll go up in church reekin pockets stanking Jesus
I think this b**hes got no reason n***as drinkin penis

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