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Queen Key - All There (Remix) lyrics

Queen Key:

Real b**h 365 or 66
I'll leave that b**h if he a greedy a** b**h
I don't give a f**
I'm up now, it's my turn
Hoes be talking crazy when they see my back turned
I don't got no f**ing patience, that's what I learned
I be spazzing out on hoes, when will I learn
b**h I need a million dollars
When will I earn
I be going nutty they be calling me Sherman

b**hes acting like they unbothered, I don't care
n***as acting like they ain't here, they all there
b**hes acting like we ain't the sh**, we all rare
I ain't worried about you
n***a keep it all... playa

Competition, I don't even see up in this b**h
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Actually it make me proud of me to see this sh**
What you mean Key, you proud to be up in this sh**
Yeah I'm proud to be
I'm proud of me being the sh**
I be going through some crazy sh** like everyday
I don't never say & I don't never f**ing hate
I'm a f**ing soldier b**h & they some f**ing snakes
They don't know themselves at all
But I know imma great
We just turned the party to a f**ing Kalahari
We don't care about nobody
Only tell our mama sorry
n***a you ain't no priority
I'm the best just ask majority
b**hes mad they can't afford me
& the coldest hoes adore me, b**h
b**h, I'm fly, b**h I'm soaring b**h
I don't care about your boring b**h
b**h, I'm Regina George'in sh**
You attracted & in treason
I ain't forcing it

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