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Queen Key - Hey lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey, you a p**y a**, dancing a**, b**hing a** n***a (b**hing a**), hey
f** is that your lil' prancing a**, hey
You in love your romantic a**, hey
I'm the type of b**h that'll damage that (Finish him)
(Hey, hey, sh**) f** it, barely got a a** but it wobble when you touch it, hey, hey
Cooling with my cousin, hey
That's a n***a who gon' k** you is you touch me, hey

Ke'Ashe G, Ke'Ashe they saying you the coldest to ever do it (The coldest)
I'm talking about below 0 Celsius, I'm talking about hypothermia type, yeah

[Verse 2]
Hey, iconic iconic real raw b**h (Iconic lil")
Hoe is that's your man I stole him like a bowl of trix, hey
I don't like people (hey), I smack n***as (Smack, yeah)
Step up in yo house like a frat n***a, hey
Dancing to the money I'm jigging
I know he got a girl he eat my p**y like thanksgiving, hey
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Hey, b**h I got a feeling, hey
When you see the smolders that's how you know we in the building, hey (Building, ha ha ha)

Hey, hey, this n***a solely in they feelings
I be saying sh** and they don't know me, I ain't kidding

[Verse 3]
Cut that hoe off 'cause he's a hoe and he's dramatic (He's a hoe)
Play my sh** in strip clubs all them b**hes acrobatic, hey (Let's go yeah ha ha)
Getting money n***as I'm attracted, hey
Yeah b**h I'm so distracted, hey
I'ma take his cash and make the n***a eat my a**, hey
He gon' play his music but sh** is f**ing trash (f**ing garbage, ha ha ha)

b**hes coming last, hey (Hey)
Hey, uh, ay, hey
Ha ha ha, hey, ha ha ha
Queen sh** b**h

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