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Queen Key - Can't Take It lyrics

(Oh baby, I can't take it no more)
(Young Will Beats Beats)
(I can't take it anymore)
Queen sh**, b**h
(Envyion on the mix)
(I can't take it anymore)

I wonder if my neighbors hit me (I wonder if)
I always keep my window open (Keep my window open)
I know I'm Key but I'm really a token (But I'm really)
And I'm really outspoken (And I'm really)
And my words, provoking (Words)
And my p**y an ocean (And my p**y)
And I put it in motion (And I put it)
I'm big blunt smoking (Big blunt)
I'm not your average, I don't follow b**h's patterns
I'm guided by God
You guided by frauds
I've taken the wheel
I've taken a pill
I've taken a deal
I still keep it real (Real)
So how you n***as feel?
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'Cause these b**hes can't even rap for real (Can't even rap)
From the concrete I rose, hoes daffodils (Hoes daff—)
Separate me from these b**hes, Jesus
These hoes ain't cut, and I'm really bleeding, I'm really breathing
I'm a writer, not a biter
Don't insult me with no weak sh**
And don't approach me on no freak sh** (On no freak sh**)
'Cause in reality, n***a, you couldn't freak this
I got these hoes upset, watch 'em all sneak diss (Stupid)
Stupid, n***as, I'm more than money
Natural glow, shiny b**h, more than sunny (More than sunny)
And my p**y might get wet, when he calling for me (When he calling)
I don't gotta do titles, but he balling for me (But he balling)
I'm real discrete
b**h, I don't date, I meet (I don't date)
I'm a business, I told you boys watch my feet (n***a, watch my feet)
n***a, s** my heels, show me it's real (n***a, s** my heels)
These b**hes can't even rap (These b**hes can't even rap)

(Young Will Beats Beats)
Queen sh**, b**h
(I can't take it anymore)
(I just can't take it anymore)
(I just can't take it anymore)
(I just can't take it anymore)
(I can't take it anymore)

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