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Queen Key - Queen Sh*t Part 2 lyrics

Queen sh** b**h You Know I had To f**ing Go Crazy Again

[Verse 1 : Queen Key ]
Ion Give A Fu*k , B*tch I Got My Mind Made Up
Doing Me F*ck A Slut, B*tch Mad Tell That
B*tch Beat Me Up
B*tch Know Ion Respect Sh*t , Don't Give A Fu*k
Bout A n***a He Just Macsh**
You Do What You Want When You Popping
n***a Love You , You Ain't Even Got To Sex Sh*t
b**h I Been T'd
Hoe's Talking Sh*t Like Them Hoes Don't Bleed
If You Trying To Be Heard B*tch You Won't Succeed
I Ain't Listening To Sh*t B*tch I'm Smoking Weed
F*ck Ya Life B*tch Im Greddy , Get My Way
Cause Queen Sh*t I Need It , B*tch Say I'm
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Conceited I Know You Got A Crush Sh*t Vibes
Ain't Deceiving , Taxing Old n***a For The Features
Attitude Off The MotherFu*king Meters
Can Take Ya n***a In A Fu*king Wife Beater
Bit*h Tweaking Imma Have To Fu*king Beat Her
Queen Sh*t Walk Some n***as On Some Leashes
Spanish Eater He A Freaking Puerto Recian
19 And A B*tch MotherFu*king Preaching
Cut Some Dumb n***as Off They Was
MotherFu*king Leaching
I Do What I Want Cause I Can , Take A Bi*ch Fan
Fu*k A Man , I Ain't Sliding To Ya Sh*t F*ck Ya Brand
Thing Of Loud Smelling Like Piss In A Can
F*ck A B*tch b**h A Marcia , She Jan
Get Cut Off For Some Sh*t I Can't Stand
We Do Biz Need That Sh*t In My Hand
Im All Bout That Money F*ck A Friend

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