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Queen Key - Pimp sh** lyrics

Queen sh** b**h

Period b**hes ain't on sh**
n***as ain't on sh**
Ain't nobody on sh**
Motherf**ers could kiss my a**
All type of sh**
I dont give a f** about sh** b**h (laughs)

They tried to count me out they gotta call me queen now
They tried to count me out well baby I'm a thing now
I'm smoking weed now, I been smoking weed
How I don't play sports at all, but I keep a couple rebounds?
Show stopper sh** n***as wanna politic b**h I hate politics
b**h I need my dollars quick
Had to cut some people off cause they didn't love me enough
And now I'm laughing to the bank
Cause they wasn't funny enough
I'm a whole a** rude motherf**er
I don't give a f** about your attitude motherf**er
Queen sh** I'll school motherf**ers
I don't know these n***as never knew motherf**ers
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I know a b**h that is psycho a** sh**
She go right up on yo hip but f** a n***a or a b**h
n***as fake they can't help it I'm too real I can't help it
All this motherf**ing wealth we gone stretch it
They mad at me cause I state facts
I talk that sh** and I can back it
f** that n***a he a distraction, where the action?

Period f** is motherf**as talking bout? Ion...
Look I'm not finna keep telling motherf**ers
I'm not finna keep telling motherf**ers whats going on
b**h I'm Queen Key, f** is you talking bout?
I'm saying my name now, f** is people talking bout

[Verse 2]
Whole pimp sh** put me on a blimp b**h
Baby mama saucy cause I win with no attempt b**h
f** his lip b**h get a f**ing grip b**h
I'm the f**ing sh** and I been the f**ing sh** b**h

b**hes ain't been the sh** b**h I been the sh** b**h
b**h f** you talking bout......(laughs)

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