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Quavo - YRN Freestyle lyrics

[Hook: Mango Foo & Takeoff]
Say you wanna live like a young rich n***a
Like a young rich n***a (what you wanna do?)
Say you wanna live like a young rich n***a
Like a young rich n***a (what you say you wanna be?)
Say you wanna roll a 3 5 in the backwood, or a swisher (gas)
Say you wanna have a shooter with you when you broke
You ain't even got a b**h

[Verse 1: Mango Foo]
Say you wanna, boy I know you wanna
n***a you a b**h like Juwana
Busting in the p**y like a condom
Bullets coming fast like [?]
Bullets coming hotter than a sauna
We stay with the toy like Tonka
Different color diamonds, Willy Wonka
Never talk to your honor
I plead the fifth, I make sack for the summer
Ran up my sack, I'm addicted to commas
Only can sleep on the lean and the coma
Walk in the store and go talk to the owner
Trap on the block, the bando on the corner
Having artillery like I'm Osama
OG good gas, you can smell the aroma
President tint like I'm riding with Obama

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
President tint like I'm riding with Obama
Where is Michelle?
Take over in your city like I'm the mayor
Beat the bricks in the V12
On the block serving the bales
Ducking and dodging, I'm running from 12
Takeoff ain't taking no L
Cause I keep the steel
n***a tryna bite me, Holyfield
Hundred round drum, overk**
Think I'm in the Navy the way I be poppin' seals
What you wanna do?
What you wanna be when you grow up?
Fifty migos when I pull up
Hundred hoes on my tour bus

[Verse 3: Mango Foo & Takeoff]
Damn, who the hell is he?
Extendos and choppers whenever we pull up
Gold on my like Slick the Ruler
Shout out to my j**eler, iced out my Frank Mueller
Iced out my Frank Mueller, my neck is a cooler
My diamonds albino, I'm counting these riches, no Lionel
I'm smoking a pound of that OG, I'm reading the bible
I'm playing with the rifle, I think I'm a sniper
Two twin choppers like the towers
For these [?] crush you gon' need ‘bout three lighters

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
Pocket full of Jackson, where is Michael?
When you walk in my bando, see dirty diapers
All I ever wanted was a sack
Every migo in my hood kept a strap
f** up a check, I'ma get it right back
Once I kick me a door or get it back in the trap
I remember n***as sending shots subliminal
Tweeting on Twitter so it got political
If I ever see you it's gon' get physical
Texas, lone ranger, danger, no Mystikal
Christian my Louboutin's, Giuseppe steppers
I might just go Maison Margiela's
Like I'm Rockefeller, fly like a propeller
My diamonds they can shine in any weather
Boxing rings on my knuckles, Mayweather
Yes this is real fox fur, f** n***a
Cover my mink chinchilla
What to do you want be when you grow up?
What did you want to do when you got up?
I hit the lot, copped an Audi
Went to the kitchen, grabbed the spatula
The stick is magical
Beating babies with the pots and pans, sh** is tragical
I'm the amba**ador
Pull up in a Lamborghini, it's an Aventador
Independent n***a riding with a hundred mil
I can get a life sentence
Block hot, 12 on a n***a cause they heard I jugged about a hundred pigeons
Red on the bottom my Louboutin
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At the court it's silent like I'm Jack Nicholson
Still got the pocket rocket, never catch me slipping
Master P, I'm ‘bout it

[Verse 5: Quavo]
Talking to my Migo plug about the zone
My ho is so nasty, she wanna drink a n***a's chromosome
She got the a** shots like Cortisone
Head shot n***a, Houdini dome
Fifty M's n***a, having a house like the SIMS n***a
My n***a boot up like the timb's n***a
Baow, kraow, go k** n***a
Gold bars they in the mansion
Work the b**h, they dirty dancing
Yeen never seen this much white since Marilyn Manson
Old money, n***a Jura**ic
Two hundred fifty in the cabinet
You're the type of guy hanging with them f** n***as
Flexin' like they havin' it
I swear, I swear, I swear (swear n***a)
It's Migo Gang year
All my n***as here (right here n***a)
Choppers making you stare
Be aware
You better take look in the mirror
Cause all of my n***as they wild, they stand on the chairs
Cheers, beers
My diamonds lookin' like ‘em
Two b**hes, bet I dyke ‘em
They riding on my rifle
No kick it like Beckham (can't kick it with me)
The f** n***a lookin' wrong, so I'm gonna check him
He don't think that I'm gonna shoot him
I'm gonna bet him
Kung pow, choppin' bricks like wow
Magic now (abracadabra), magic now
No Criss Angel
Diamonds shine, gold bangers
Pull up to the club lookin' like a f**ing stranger

[Verse 6: Offset]
The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward
Fifty chickens on the highway, it's gonna bring a hundred more
I can touch down on the plug, I just scored
Hundred round on the chopper, oh lord
Connected to the streets without a cord
A hundred bricks up on the boat, all aboard
I call it Givenchy, Balenciaga
Coming through your window, call me Roger
It ain't ‘bout a dollar, then why bother
The gold on your neck look like copper
You snitchin', you must be a crime stopper
I'm selling that white girl, call it Mary Poppins
I'm pitching the work like a quarterback option
Double cup filled to the top, pure toxins
I am a leader, n***as follow suit
When I got to the church, diamonds on me, no suit
This is a family, not just a group
My n***as stick together, we win or we lose
Beating the pot and I gave it a bruise
These b**hes they ain't sh**, they f** you and your crew
Stomp on you n***as like I am a cube
OG gas bag is smelling like pubes
The devil f**ing with me then he get review
Fifty floors up, n***a what a great view
I just beat the cause my lawyer a j**
I'm sipping on Actavis, good on the brew
What a miracle, I'm living superior
n***as can't f** with us period
n***as be hating, say that we not lyrical
Stand on the stove and I'm whipping up chemicals
Finessing the plug and I'm acting delirous
Jumped off the porch ‘cause a n***a was curious
You live and you learn off experience
Better do better, n***a get some Benjamin's
Open your ears and my n***as just listen
Me and the pot got a very good chemistry
Used to fail chemistry, now I pull up in the Bentley
Now these n***as they gon' envy me

[Outro: Mango Foo]
YRN the Label
This sh** a lifestyle
It gotta be in ya
Not on ya

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