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Quavo - Tim Westwood Freestyle lyrics

[First instrumental]

One man, honcho
Truck load, ammo
All black, suit and tie, don't move in camo
Gloves on, no Evie
Trigger finger forever ready
One man, one machete
Out the jungle, turn you to spaghetti

Nigga be acting like they are so real
I pull out that chopper let 'em niggas see how it feel
Sippin' on actavis, you know how I live
Mansion acre got a hunnid M's

Migo my family
We got some unity
Believe in loyalty
Hit you with choppas, fuck with the quarter be
We got more currency
We got more diamonds
Look at them diamonds
Shinin', they shinin'
Make your bitch blind man
We is so stupid

Migo Bands came with a whole lot of gold
Bankroll got the bitches bad on the pole
Pull up to the club, I let it go let it go
They call me young Quavo throw, young Quavo throw

We get ignorant in the club
We throwed them hunnids not no ones

Throwing them hunnids we fuck them whole by the firm

Step in the club
Pocket full of hundred, no ones

Choppa longer than an arm
Blow you up--

[Takeoff (Quavo)]
(Ring the alarm)
Ring the alarm
(Ring the alarm)
My nigga got bombs, trap out of farms

Ooh Bust and rollin' my arm
Bust and rollin' my pinky
Ooh Pulling up what's in yo cup
Ooh sippin' it's pinky

Ooh Look at my pinky
Look at my pinky and its winkin'
Got yo bitch blinkin'
She suckin' fuckin' the semen

Suckin' and fuckin'
I call her big pinky

What you looking at
What you copying
What you mimickin'? Migo flow
Pull up in the Lamborghini drop the top
I'm hella fidget and I fuck they ho

Hold up we getting warmed up
Just like my Chevy T- top
SS pull up, took your ho
Fresh and press

Thanking the lord cuz a nigga blessed
Keep the 4.5 pussy nigga, so do not test

50 thousand on my motherfuckin' neck
Nigga tryna take my chain in DC
I had to leave his ass wet
We ain't gon' speak on that
All black shit

Tell the truth
Migos my family, so nigga fuck you

[Second instrumental]

[Intro: Quavo, (Takeoff) & Offset]
Okay! (free my boy! free Bobby!) you know that Shmigo all the way (free Rowdy!) Shmigo! (Shmigo Gang!)

You know what it is
Free the Shmigo gang, them my posse yeah

And we take your ho
Pull up in the Lamborghini with that big .44
Young rich nigga came from the fucking kitchen
Whippin', whippin', whippin'
Whippin', whippin', whippin'
Niggas talkin' bout we ain't getting money boy that's fiction
Look at all my diamonds, and my diamonds water drippin'

With the boards on the window? Bitch, that's bando
Shout-out to my nigga Bando Bo in the bando
Shout-out to my boy Takeoff he was cooking them chickens
But he graduated, now he got a whole meal ticket

Got a meal ticket, came from whippin' chicken
Yeah I come in the bando where y'all know I'm water whippin'
Servin all these junkies came from long way red monkey
Used to rock them red monkeys in the Trap House had that skunky
Niggas on the block and I'm getting a lot of money
These niggas know I'm sipping seals in the Sunday

Honestly we still sipping seals, double seals
Sipping Actavis, that mud on me, now bitch, how you feel
Overseas flow, take your ho over the water
She ain't never seen a nigga say "Bonsoir"
I got left wrist and it looks like it's a clock
Oh my god! That's a Rolly wet, it's flooded with these rocks
I was selling rocks, started on the block
Now I'm overseas, I get a 50 for a walk

I got lots of money, I got lots of money
Came a long way from kicking doors and grippin' that Tommy
You might think you're funny, I was pushing onions
Looking for nothing, and now I'm fucking something
They thought I wouldn't make it, bad bitches hating
Fuck niggas hating, they contemplating
On a nigga plane, sleeping like they xans
Every time you see young Quavo, I'm having bands
Shout-out to my big brother Bandz in the Lamb
Going real crazy, doing donuts like the m...

YRN the label, ain't no motherfucking favor
When we geeked up off that molly, we geeking just like Fabo

Pop one bean
Pop one, two, young Quavo on the scene
When I growed up I wanted to be a king

Wanted to be the king, look at my pinky ring
Look at your bitch in the kitchen, whippin' and whippin' that thing
I don't pay her nothing, won't give her a single dollar
After she cook up the chicken, she gon' come and swallow
Pass her to my brother Quavo, Quavo pass to Takeoff
Takeoff kick that bitch up out the house, that bitch gotta Takeoff

Free my nigga Bobby Bitch
Hoes in the lobby, bitch
Ooh, diamonds look like coffee, bitch

Dreams in the 'Rari, bitch
What the fuck you mean, piss on all these niggas, no sorry bitch
Lame ass square, looking at my diamonds on my wrist, it's chandelier
We hang out with boss niggas, don't hang out with queers
We gon' make them terrified, we might cut off his ear
Might cut off his neck, we don't give a fuck
We doing anything for checks, bet
Fuck with the Tec
These niggas they acting like they really sipping on Actavis, but they sippin' Hi-Tec

Or maybe they Qualitas
Watson, ain't really sipping that
Ain't really sipping shit, I'm sipping Actavis
Check my refrigerator, 50 pints in
I can't tell you how I got 'em, in

Hold on, check my fucking safe
50 xans, 50 bags in, 50 bags of kush in

Change the beat up, we can go some more!

[Third instrumental]

My pinky ring look like the Georgia Dome
Tryna take it on I'ma take off your dome
Everybody see Young Quavo pullin' in the Lamb
I said it before and I'ma say it again
Big Bandz that's my friend, I ain't talking bout no motherfuckin' clocks
I'm talkin' bout Benjis, in my muthafuckin sock

When I got ice drip, drip, drip
Had your bitch in the kitchen when she whip, whip, whip
Whip a nigga take a trip
Takeoff tip
Overseas a make her

Put the dope up on her lip I make her get out here
Niggas know I don't fuck with no queer
I'm sipping Actavis you niggas sipping beer
They looking at me cuz I'm not from round here
Christian Louboutins red bottom of a murder scene
I'm clean like Listerine
Just stepped up on the scene

[Fourth instrumental]

Rich nigga shit we ain't worried about a bitch
All I count is Benjamins bitch

And I keep the AK with a banana clip
Graat your whole clique

And you niggas ain't never hit a lick if it ain't no kick door
Pull up on the block and I be serving all them C notes

Serving all those C notes
We got packs of the coke and indo

Remember last time we finessed that fuckin migo

Finessed that flamingo yeah we finessed that flamingo
Howard D. was loyal about 50 thousand [?]

After the nigga hit the juug screaming out "bingo"
Counting all this cheese nigga like it is a cheeto

Counting all this cheese then I split it up with Lingo
Counting all this cheese then I gave it all to Lingo

Speaking on Lingo
Go get that Migo Lingo
Gotta protect my millions
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Shoutout my lil bro Lingo

YRN Lingo, YRN label
Domingo, Mango Foo
I can't forget Migo Bands
We got plenty of em
Shout out to my neighborhood crips
Shout out my GD folks
Pull up in black Lambos
Its bros over hoes
These hoes get exposed

Look at my pinky, you can tell it is froze
I'm dabbin' over here, foreign clothes

Pussy niggas sweet just like some lemon
You sweet just like some lemon
And I know you gonna go to jail and you gon' turn sour just like a motherfucking lemon

[Fifth instrumental]

She don't wanna be a freak no more, I know that ho lyin'
Look how she be lookin' at my diamonds

Ain't gon' lie that bitch fine ass hell
Ain't gon' lie that bitch like
She makes them birds sing like Patti LaBelle (Brrrrrrrrrrr!)

And shouts out to beam boom that shell

Shouts out to beam boom that shell

You gonna catch the L
Cause this gonna be hell
My niggas ducking, dodging 12
What's up Offset [?]
Shouts out to DJ Durel, give'em hell

Shout out to my manager Rel
He can book a damn show, he can book a bag in
When he going to the club, he coming out with bag in

Hold up let me thank my brother
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for these two
They sittin' next to me they had a mill and a coupe
When I got up outta jail like a fruit loop
My diamonds hittin' off the roof (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Smokin' on cookie
I fuck with no rookies
I fuck foreign bitches
I just want pussy
I just want money, ain't nothing funny
Y'all niggas keep laughing
Chopper gone dump

[Sixth instrumental]

We gone tell'em, when it come to that walk through
Looking at my diamonds they gon' cost you

I put on Louboutins house shoes
Shoot at your nigga and your house too

When you the king, you make all the rules
And when you the king you rock all these jewels

Smokin' gas yea I blow like oom
Blowing up like a balloon

And I think your lost your mind like you took shrooms

And I think I seen your bitch in Quavo's room

Yes, you did

[?] animal yeah we takin' off to the moon
YRN the Album coming soon

[Seventh instrumental]

Can a nigga high
Can a nigga vine
Hittem with the chopper, nigga we create a flyin'

Hop out with the chopper my nigga
The trappin' happin' we can make it happin'

Happen the father my nigga stackin'
Stackin' and stackin' we got make my momma happy

Look at my diamonds shinin'
Look at your bitch she whinin'
Sangin' like one of the Winans
Pull up, young Quavo timin'
Always off cause I'm always late
Got a bad bitch I don't never wanna take a date
But my, look at my watch
She always wanna take a motherfuckin' skatin'

Told that bitch wait
If you ain't tryna fuck bitch, keep the fuck out of my place
Gotta give me face
Peep the pussy pass it to my partner
Bitch you got erased
We get that money everyday and we live
And a nigga got two kids
We pull up in the Lamborghini, Bentley what it is
My diamonds cold like fridge

We pull in the Lamborghini flexing on a bitch
I'm fucking your bitch
We try caressing on a bitch
Y'all niggas ain't flexing on a bitch

Fingers looking like Mayweather
Shine in any day or weather
Young Quavo they call me clever
Clever as ever
I'm the baddest that you've ever seen
Balmain fucking jeans
Pullin' up on any scene with that chopper and that fucking Beam

Hold up niggas do not talk to me
I'm the like the president sippin' Actavis my medicine
I'm thankin' the Lord everyday, momma say it's the reverends
And niggas be flexing, talking bout you spent this on your necklace

Talking about you in the game, y'all some [?]
We you now know, that we some veterans

Who the hell better than
We'll put it to the test
We would put anything on it
We can put anything on a bill, hundred mill

And I bet we move that shit forreal

And if we lose we gon' take it from ya
And if we lose we gon' take it from ya

Real shit, real spill
Hit'em with the chopper right up in the grill
I don't give a fuck where the fuck you live
I don't give a fuck what they say about ya
We gon' pull up on ya
We gon' see ya about ya
Now your body rotting

It's three bad guys in the industry
Who the hell is them guys be
Three bad guys in the industry
Who the hell could them guys be

One of them guys is me

Woo I think one of them is me

Ooh I know one of them me

[Eighth instrumental]

Watch out with us, you can not beat us, we are undefeated
I pull up in the Lamborghini, two seated
Your bitch [?] greeted
Greeted one time I texted one time
And she come over I beat it
But I never skeeted
Never keep it we gon' leave it

Leave it to Bieber

That your picture [?]

Okay he said leave it to Bieber
Caught your bitch on cheaters
Cause she cheating with me
With me

Pull up in the Lamborghini, hurtin' they feelings
Bitch you wanna fuck me cause a nigga got millions
I don't give a fuck bout how you're feeling
Chopper with the SK (Grow, bow, bow, bow)

This is as long as a nigga rap

[Ninth instrumental]

Pull up in the Lamb, man I took your ho
And I'm from the A, I say my name Quavo
Pull up in that Rolls, everything rose gold, fo sho
Like my money, DJ Durel, fuck 12
Here they come, two feet I bail
Never got caught, never was snitch
Had a lotta bricks
Kick doors and hit licks

Then I fucked your bitch

And she did some tricks, sittin' on my dick
Let me get it with the drop drop, ooh, ooh, ooh
I'm dabbin', dabbin' I'm the king of this dab shit
Come through dabbin' on your bitch fuck her real quick
You would never know, I would never tell a soul
Quavo walked up in the room, passed her to my bro

Then I passed that ho to li'l Coach
We high five, high five
We high five, high five

Switcharoo I've seen it live
Switcharoo put it on Fox 5

I'd put it on Pornhub, but she ain't got it
I smashed your ho in the 'Rari
I don't know how I did it cause the Rari's a coupe
I just got head I was just playin' with you fools

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