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Quavo - Skinny lyrics


She said she ain't never seen a hunnin bands
This skinny
Ass so fat but her waist real skinny
I make her serve up pies in a Bentley
Forgiatto tires skinny
n***as ain't eatin you skinny
Mamacita real skinny
Mama said she ain't never seen no hunnin bands
I just look at her skinny (Mama!)
n***as ain't eatin you skinny
You n***as ain't eatin why you so skinny
You n***as ain't eating you skinny

Otf linked up with migos gang
You n***as look sick i will spare you change
Drop my top in a f**in range
Eatin on big plate ridin down 85
Gettin head all on the interstate
Black diamond white diamond it dont even matter
Roll Gold White Gold j**elry integrate
I thought that i told you f**ing with gangsters you f**in with mobsters
He didn't believe me so i had to turn around and hit him second bopperbopper
You n***as is thug imposters
Pockets is sloppy like whoppers
Million of dollars of gold my collar
Look like you put on some copper
sh**tin on you like the board game
Im sorry
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What would you do for a shopping spree neiman marcus
I remember the days in a bando grippin on the cartridge
Young n***as survived the jungle safari


n***as be mad when see 10k
Ask bout durk when you see him with a k
No fool but zoo you a fool
And you'll lose with A
Four B's in a club
They better
Thinkin bout robbin me
Boy thats an error
See on tape
I want a f** her
On twitter
I might add her
See Z put the 40 on me
No artist shooting keep da 40 on me
Cash out with cash out
The n***a bring jags out
Pull up to the scene
Run up on him gimme that n***a
n***a skinny but no jenny craig n***a
Can't hit my weed you a piggyback n***a
Sell my body then get it back n***a
Got a 30 got a 30 got a 30 on me
Two gun cases can't go oovrseas
Gonna call n***a numba nine put points on me
L's rorunnin thru da trap and I ain't gonna leave L's

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