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Quavo - Skinny lyrics


She said she ain't never seen a hunnin bands
This skinny
Ass so fat but her waist real skinny
I make her serve up pies in a Bentley
Forgiatto tires skinny
Niggas ain't eatin you skinny
Mamacita real skinny
Mama said she ain't never seen no hunnin bands
I just look at her skinny (Mama!)
Niggas ain't eatin you skinny
You niggas ain't eatin why you so skinny
You niggas ain't eating you skinny

Otf linked up with migos gang
You niggas look sick i will spare you change
Drop my top in a fuckin range
Eatin on big plate ridin down 85
Gettin head all on the interstate
Black diamond white diamond it dont even matter
Roll Gold White Gold jewelry integrate
I thought that i told you fucking with gangsters you fuckin with mobsters
He didn't believe me so i had to turn around and hit him second bopperbopper
You niggas is thug imposters
Pockets is sloppy like whoppers
Million of dollars of gold my collar
Look like you put on some copper
Shittin on you like the board game
Im sorry
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What would you do for a shopping spree neiman marcus
I remember the days in a bando grippin on the cartridge
Young niggas survived the jungle safari


Niggas be mad when see 10k
Ask bout durk when you see him with a k
No fool but zoo you a fool
And you'll lose with A
Four B's in a club
They better
Thinkin bout robbin me
Boy thats an error
See on tape
I want a fuck her
On twitter
I might add her
See Z put the 40 on me
No artist shooting keep da 40 on me
Cash out with cash out
The nigga bring jags out
Pull up to the scene
Run up on him gimme that nigga
Nigga skinny but no jenny craig nigga
Can't hit my weed you a piggyback nigga
Sell my body then get it back nigga
Got a 30 got a 30 got a 30 on me
Two gun cases can't go oovrseas
Gonna call nigga numba nine put points on me
L's rorunnin thru da trap and I ain't gonna leave L's

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