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Quavo - Since Day 1 lyrics

[Intro: Quavo]
Since day one (x4)

[Hook: Quavo]x2
Since day one (We finesse!)
Since day one (Count the checks!)
Since day one (Diamonds on my neck!)
Since day one (Throwin' up the set!)
Since day one (Since day one!)
Since day one (Since day one!)
Since day one (Since day one!)
Since day, since day one

[Verse 1: Offset]
Since day one I was raised in the trenches
Yee ain't have a sack, then you had to go get it
Since day one my daddy was a chemist
Whip whip whip whip whippin in the kitchen
I pull up in the lamb wit the engine in the trunk
Pull out the choppa, made them n***as start to crunk
I got the white man money, call me Donald Trump
Lean got me slowin' down, like a speed bump
Coolin' on the beach, yeah i got my feet up
Birds in the trunk, singin' like Aliyah
She cookin' like a baker but she not Anita
Make alot of money, so n***a need her
Treat her like a dog, way a n***a feed her
Playin with the racks, don't call me Venus
I keep the O like Gilbert 'Renas
I bring them hoes out, n***a like subpoenas

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[Hook: Quavo]x2

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I finess the plug then hit the mall, I bought the Bally's on the first day
I pop bottles then threw money, I smashed her on the first day
I call the plug, he wrap it up, I picked it up on a Thursday
I bought ya b**h, then splurged on her, now she think it's her birthday
Got young goons put the gloves on, they murkin' n***as its a cold case
I'm runnin' to the money like a track meet, you last, n***a, and I'm first place
I flip the work like a pancake, playin' with the money like Patty Cake
Beatin' up the work like anime, got a dope tester with the ashy face

[Hook: Quavo]x2

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Since day one, strapped up with two Glocks
In the kitchen whippin', three babies in the pot
Young n***a foe workin' with the 45
Got a Chevrolet sittin on 28s
Just cut a 9, and I set it on my waist
Got 10 birds and they singin' in the cage
And I got stripes, call me Jam Master Jay
Got a patch trippin' on the boulevard
My b**h an immigrant she need a green card
I'm a boss so I got a black card
But I don't use it, gotta use my face card
In the kitchen whippin' up soft
I know how to make it hard
Yall f** n***a tell me how y'all bein soft

[Hook: Quavo]x2

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