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Quavo - Serve On lyrics

[Produced by TrapMoneyBenny]

Guwop, Guwop, Longway, Longway, Quavo

[Hook: Gucci]
Ridin' in the 'Rari man, I'm gettin' my swerve on
No limit trapper, call me Mr. Serv-On
Talkin' on the cellphone, real real hood
Junkies hit the dope and say it's real real good
Ridin' in a 'Rari man, I'm gettin' my swerve on
Talkin' on the phone, call me Mr. Serve on
Junkies hit the dope and say it's real real good
PeeWee, Quavo, Gucci say we real, real hood

[Verse 1: Gucci]
Ain't no limit to this sh**
Hella business with this sh**
And that b**h ain't worth a dime, I got some pennies for that b**h
Hit the dentist with the b**h
Got a grill it for the b**h
You know I dip my hoes in diamonds, pay 9 mili for the b**h
Spell Guwop in all capital letters cause I'm really rich
You a disgrace to your family, you know your son a snitch
You was mistaken to be born man, you shoulda been a b**h
n***as know not try to walk cause Gucci man straight mafioso
Got one baby, 10 baby mamas, Gucci like la vida loco
And he worth 10 million, what he doin' in the Coco Loco?
Foxy lady in the Lambo, man that was 2000 fizzo
I lost my mind, I drop my top, you find it call me four oh fizzo

[Hook: Gucci]

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Silkk the Shocker chopper
I get lots of guala
Pull up in that gray Audi, look like a koala
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Green pinky ring, yea, it look like avacado
Yup, yellow diamond chain, call it Troy Polamalu
Gucci CEO, young Quavo a trap scholar
I got the bricks yesterday, finesse the plug tomorrow
n***as in the hood - they be pitchin' enchiladas
Got hundreds of soldiers, my n***as get boulders
You pushin' Corollas
My n***as in 'Rovas, my n***a be remixing Coca
My n***a got eggbeater spatula, my n***as, they play with the soda
You a f** n***a, you'll fold over
I knew you couldn't handle the pressure
My Mac-90 come with compressor
Got black and white diamonds, Cruella

[Hook: Gucci]

[Verse 3: PeeWee]
Junkies at my door, they need that white girl just to feel good
They call me Mr. Serve on, 'Rari's smash and swerve on 'em
Keep work, I don't search for none
Three amigos, I purchase from
Got a bad b**h and her purse salon
I mean Céline, I'm on lean
Uno Dos cup my styrofoam
On the same sh** Lil Thugger from
But I'm piped up in camouflage forms
100k for me to whip up
Ferrari cars and a Bent' truck
Longway on dope boy sh** yuh
Drop Narcs and pick up racks uh
Smokin' on stuffed crust swishers
Longway you a neighborhood crip, huh?
Banging on Slauson Ave, duh
Longway don't need no pa**, yea
Dump it down now where she ask, playa

[Hook: Gucci]

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