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Quavo - Saran Wrap lyrics

[Produced by Phenom Da Don]

[Hook – Quavo]
Walk up in the kitchen, see saran wrap
I know what to do with the saran wrap
Bricks, they wrapped up in saran wrap
Trapping out the bando with saran wrap
Saran wrap, saran wrap
I know what to do with the saran wrap
Saran wrap, saran wrap
Got them bricks and them chickens in saran wrap

[Verse 1 – Quavo]
You can get a chicken wrapped like McDonalds
I'm trapping, I'm selling the fishes, I'm working at Benihanas
The birds they fly from Japan, man I can't wait when they land
I'm unwrapping the saran
The Js go crazy, I'm weighing the baby like 1980s
I pull up, gold rings on, in a drop Mercedes
Your b**h bad, she in the kitchen, her wrist go crazy
Don't try to tell me I'm a gram short, n***a I just weighed it
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My n***as is animals, eat you up like cannibals
I play with so much saran, Tony Montana
I skkrt in a Phantom, excuse my manners
I'm whipping up batter, I'm balling like batter


[Verse 2 – Gucci Mane]
Jamaican redbone b**h with me, she wicked
I done dropped the top on my car, now it's naked
Got a blunt stored with like four grams of cookie
In the kitchen whipping whipping whipping whipping
Beating them babies up like they was getting a whipping
Gucci had on mink, his back look like it's crooked
I got this wicked watch on me, call me a 50
I keep that chopper with me cause the game's so wicked
I hit [?] out the lot, now man I'm twisted, twisted
Ganja smoke, I know y'all n***as smell me, smell me
Ain't no thing that no one else can tell me, tell me
I got so many man I'm so talented, I'm wealthy


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