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Quavo - Packs lyrics

Yeah, yeah
All kinda packs
I got a whole lot of that, all stupid packs
Roll it up, Migo team got them shooters

[Hook x2: Quavo]
I got different kinda packs
All colored packs
Stupid flavored pack
Stanky Kush pack
Sour Diesel pack
Mango Kush pack
That gas, That gas

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I got Tony Tiger Kush with the orange hairs on it
I got Barney Kush, got the purple hairs on it
Which ever pack you need, yeah I got it if you want it
I got lean by the pint
That yellow all I drink
That money on my mind, its the only thing I think
Got to vacuum seal the gas
Garbage can, yeah it stink
I just call up my Migo plug, he want a whole thing
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Tell him meet me at the Texico, I'm in that orange thang
I should win a grammy the way I make them birds sing
The pack kicking hard, Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang
You can lock me in the kitchen where the f** I do my thing
The crazy a** wrist boy, I make a hurricane

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
I got Kush in my blunt, and it's lime green
Take out that Zippy, or the sticky, and that G-13
Riding in that Audi, got ten bowls of that Maui
n***as out here in these streets, they Hungry Howie
Your BBS's ain't official they look cloudy
Hard top coup, but the inside Bounty
My lil Migo pull up on you, serve a couple brownies
Gotta strip the scene cause the block hot like a cauldron
Khaki foreign bad b**h, please excuse her manners
Straight drop dope, make the fiends go bananas
I get the zip, ship, then cost me 180
On the block for a minute flip one for 380

[Hook x2]


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