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Quavo - Nawfside lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
Wake up in the morning, gotta thank God
Walking out the bando with a .45
Shake a 7/11 in the dog pound
It's just another day on the Nawfside
I'm for real, n***a, you can ask about us, n***a
We earn stripes on the Nawfside
Just another day, just another day
Just another day on the North
Real talk, n***a
I know n***as took a loss, n***a
On the Nawfside, it's just another day on the Nawfside
On the North, it's just another day on the Nawfside

[Verse 1: Quavo]
It's just another day, what is a day on the north?
Wake up in the morning, they kick in the door
We looking for money, we looking for gold
My n***as 100, my n***as on go
My n***as is trapping, dapping, what is you having?
Run with the sack and I go hit the hole
They calling me Quavo McFadden, no John Madden
I run the game
Look at my house, take a look at my ring
Walk in the North and I know I got rank
Pull up in the North and remember the day
I play the game like a game of spades
And I took me a flight to the Everglades
I told 'em that day that it was my way and never get paid of 50k


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
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n***a, they bucking, they rubbing, they sacking
Taking the pounds and breaking them down
What a beautiful day, my AK came equipped with 100 rounds
n***as talking like they got the crown
Find their body in the lost and found
Chopper louder than surround sound
It's an undercover in the underground
Just another day on the Nawfside rollin' (rolling)
Riding around trying to get it in, 2Pac all eyez on me (2Pac)
My young n***a hit a 100 band jugg in the club it was stolen
Young n***a still strapped by the North side
Gwinnett County patrolling


[Verse 3: Offset]
Trapping on Club Drive, Migos the Army got Mob ties
We hit the ground, we had to do time
Kick in the door a million times
My n***a Westside he had to do five
The hood were crying when Pistol Pete died
You gotta survive ,the streets will eat you alive
They say we wear make up, but that was a lie
Broke in them houses, no burglar bars
You said that you hard, you n***as are frauds
I went to the pen and them times were hard
I got a bulldog and it's gonna bark
You n***as is b**hes, you wear leotards
b**hes they mad cause I broke their heart
Needed college, I didn't go to Clark
Beating the pot like it's martial arts


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