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Quavo - Migo Gang x Slaughter Gang Music lyrics

[Intro: Quavo]
You know what I mean? Migo Gang shit
Slaughter Gang, 21 shit
You know what I mean?

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Hit a nigga in the head (Hit him)
We ain't shooting at the legs (Naw)
Back in the day had a trick bike, had a bad bitch on the pegs (Bitch!)
Some of my niggas bang blue (Crip)
Some of my niggas bang red (Blood)
Some of my niggas bang black (GD)
All of my niggas keep straps (Grrah)
Spend three hundred on a napp (Aye!)
They sucking, fuck the whole trap
Bitch, you know my pockets fat (Sloppy)
Quavo walking Warren Sapp (Sacks)
Takeoff buying only Act (Lean!)
You niggas sipping just to act (Actors!)
Bought a Beamer wrapped it matte (Skrt!)
Got a shooter, peep hole out the back (Grraw!)
Never been a minority (Naww)
Take the pot and Chuck Norris it (Oh!)
You niggas looking unfortunate (Woo)
Different types of babies like a orphanage (Babies!)
I hit my money, end of story
I hate when I had to go to court and shit (Hate it!)
You thinking that I'm cooking up porridge (Cooking!)
The way I'm whipping up my wrist and shit (Whip it!)
Damn, this hoe she annoying
After I fuck her, I'm finna get rid of the bitch (Gone!)
What type of shit that he on
Go get the 30 young nigga, go empty the clip (Grraw!)

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
Slaughter Gang, I'm the king bitch
Mac 90 with the beam, bitch
Hi-Tech, you sipping green bitch
21, hold the pot with my left arm
Catching plays like Brett Favre
You a gold fish and I'm a fucking shark
Whip the pot nigga, whip it hard
AK make a nigga hit the Quan
Gas bag like I own the farm
She blowing on it like she on a horn
100 round drum and that stick
Pull up, roll the windows down and I hit
You cuffing that bitch and she loyal to dick
Chasing money, I can't lay with no bitch
Murda Gang, we don't play with the beef
Put 'em on a plate and we gonna eat
Niggas snitching, I put 10 on the G's
Margielas, I put rent on my feet
Niggas pussy, I see through 'em they weak
Fuck 12, we keep shit in the streets
I brought her to the spot that bitch was a freak
Fucked her on the floor, can't fuck up my sheets

[Verse 3: Offset]
We really invented you niggas
The judge tried to sentence a nigga
Fuck a pot, now my 44 nigga
Stuck in the pickle, grinding from a nickel
Trapping in trenches, two bricks in the rental
I'm crazy I'm psycho, it's 'bout to get physical
Run a circle 'round the plug, that's a pick and roll
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Feds watching so I walk on my tippy toes
I'm rich as bitch, I want in on that lick
I'm not romantic, my bullet gon' kiss
Get in that pot, get the work in your wrist
I was born with the gift, got the fame and the grip
Hop in the jet and I take me a trip
Geeked out on codeine, I sip and I sip
Jump off the stage, I might jump out the VIP
I'm covered in money, covered like a quimp
I'm smoking on cookie, not smoking on piff
Don't talk to the police, not giving out tips
That ain't that boot, that molly look too clear
I don't care what you heard, I jump straight in my Lier
Standing in the kitchen, cooking fish fillet
Run up my money, I stash me a Wraith
Don't run up on me nigga, pump your brakes
I feed you the 223, dinner plate!

[Verse 3: ManMan Savage]
Run up on me nigga, catch a slug
50 and the 40, I don't use a glove
You know we got the straps up in the club
I don't fuck with you, you a dub
21 Gang, we got weight
All of my nigga, we straight
Pull up on a nigga, we'll take
Headshot a nigga, leave him in a lake
Round table with the Migo Gang and the Slaughter Gang, we on break
Bitch too skinny I don't want her, fuck the bitch, the bitch might break
I got a hundred round drum on that K
I keep that bitch with me, you know that bae
Never let a nigga know where I stay
Have a nigga staking out where he stay
I get that cash, I ain't got time to play
Hold up that choppa, this mask on my face
Shoot out the (?) then pull off (?)
(?), got bananas in K's
Pussy niggas turn to preachers like Ma$e
Finna slide to where I keep me a K
Juvenile hit a nigga with tre

[Verse 4: Rich The Kid]
Whipping a brick with a frying pan
Made a 100 K with a broke hand
Trapping down with the desert eagle
Actavis all in my 2 liter
Finnessing the plug for a whole thang
Rollie all white like the cocaine
I got a freak with a nose ring
Cut that bitch down like I'm 2 Chainz
Walking around with a 100 thou
I'm actually rich, you just talk about it
Pull up with choppers and air it out
I empty the clip in your mama house
Hit a jug for the work, still serving
Get rich or die trying like Curtis
I roll with a brick and she nervous
Pull out the Wraith when I'm flexing on purpose
I started trapping in first grade
I put the lean in a lemonade
I pour a four, got a fever
Dab school, I'm the teacher
Riding scrap with the nina
Big balling, no bleachers
100 K for one feature
Bad bitch, she no keeper

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