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Quavo - Juug Season lyrics

[Hook x3: Quavo]
Juug, finesse [x3]
Finesse, finesse
Juug season, it's juug season [x2]

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Out here tryna make a [?], f** names
If I don't know you then you get no respect
Call me 90 cause I'm all about the check
I'm all about respect, the money, the power
30 band juug and it took me an hour
I did it cause I knew the lil n***a was a coward
Stacking up the bands till it's tall as a tower
Break no sweat when you're juuging, no towel
Dirty sprite in my cup, now I'm looking slow
Looked at the schedule and I got to juug you for it
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When I'm done juuging, go shopping at [?]
Gold till the lock, caught the drop, Lambo

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Wintertime, spring, fall, it's the juug season
Ask me why I'm juuging b**h I do it for no reason
Tryna get the fetti and the guap and the euros
Swag on outer space, I'm cooling on Pluto
Ice on my ring, got me looking snowy
Look at me [?], you know they the Joey's
Can't be mad cause your girlfriend choose me
Treat her like an actor and we make a movie

[Hook x2]

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