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Quavo - How You Say lyrics

[Hook: OG Maco]
How you say that you real, but you never in the field
How you say, how you say
How you say you gettin' hoes, you the only one to chose
How you say, you a boss but can't take no days off
How you say, how you say
How you say, you livin' life but you never doing right
How you say, how you say

[Verse 1: OG Maco]
You probably told her everything
She told me everything
I mean on everything
How you say, these n***as actors

[Hook: OG Maco]

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[Verse 2: Quavo]
How you say that you a boss
And you never took a loss anyway?
How you say that you trappin'
You don't have customers to serve every day
Forgiatos on a highway
Quavo Carlito it's my way
I had to kick out the condo
To the back of the bus like Andre 3000
I'm dabbin' in sauce and I need to put in 1000 islands
Money pilin', walking it like in the car hit the gas from a mileage
Gangsters only move in silence, that's why I hit her with the silencer
Quavo, tommy gun, John Dillinger
I make her [?] and get rid of her
I'm spillin' lean on my chincilla fur
I take of the fur, then show off the burr
You tellin' me that you been in the field, but you not a shooter fake Steph Curry

[Hook: OG Maco]

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