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Quavo - Hit Juug lyrics

[Hook x2: Quavo]
Same ass nigga hit juugs
Same ass nigga hit licks
Same ass nigga ride 'Vettes
Same ass nigga flip bricks
Same ass nigga call the plug
Same ass nigga rock Tru's
Same ass nigga got cash
Same ass nigga got bands

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Same ass nigga hit juugs
Same ass nigga hit licks
Same ass nigga on the block
Gotta flip a motherfucking brick
Same ass nigga sip lean
Same ass nigga pop bean
Same ass nigga serve fiends
Make the work bounce like a trampoline
Same as nigga rock Trus
Same as nigga rock Robins
Same as nigga with the mask
No Batman but a nigga Robin
Same ass nigga got swag
Same ass nigga pop tags
Same ass nigga got bags
Same ass nigga rock Jags

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Mango Foo]
Same ass nigga got cash
Same ass nigga got band
Same nigga in this club
When you making money make the other niggas mad
Same nigga hitting these licks
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Same nigga that got bricks
Same nigga with your bitch
Young ass nigga coolin' the 'Vette
Man I'm getting tired of these same ass niggas
Ol' monkey duck old lame ass niggas
Wanna talk shit? Imma bang ass nigga
I don't know who wanna grab same damn pistol
Two bad bitches and they riding in the Range
Got different names, but they look the same
Fuck with my niggas, don't fuck with the lames
Same campaign, Migos Gang

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
You ain't never seen no bands
You ain't never sip no lean
You ain't never pop no bean
You ain't never seen Yao Ming
You ain't never had to twerk
Louis duffle bag full of twerk
You ain't never hit the block
You ain't never did no shows
You ain't never fuck no hoes
You ain't never had to flex
You ain't never have that gold
Posted up [?]
You ain't never been this sick, yellow diamonds on your wrist
You ain't never flip no brick
You ain't never hit no lick
You ain't never pull up on the scene
With the motherfucking Masi with a foreign bitch and she Japanese
Smoking kush and I look Chinese
And I'm flipping that work, and I got all the zips
Pouring up bout four zips, in the motherfuckin VIP

[Hook x2]

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