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Quavo - GRAMMY'$ lyrics

[Verse 1: Kid Ram]
Another label hatin' on me
All the big ones waitin' on me
Meet me at the top cause I've been climbing
And all my fans say I'm hot, like I don't belong inside this climate

But now you know I'm a switch it up, I'm gonna start spitting a little faster, preaching raw rhymes to all of you in the crowd like I was the chosen paster

Don't talk sh** behind my back and then say you like me you're not an actor, cause when you set this down and press play I could hear your laughter
Now it's time for a new chapter

Shout out to all the people I try to rap battle
But they know better than to mess with me
But their moms keep calling like I guess you can call me Jimmy

Now I'm in the city and I ain't going no where
I swear I'll make it to the 57th Grammys
Cause 2014 is my year

Now you know I don't really care, about the money cars or clothes
But I be dressing in that stylish like Italian has got to go

If you're not on my bandwagon yet, then you're about to miss my show
Just make sure kid ram is on you're list
Cause like a bomb I'm bout to blow

[Chorus: Quavo]x2
In the hood you earn you stripes, like Olympics got gold medal
But none that means nothin' to me, I'm celebratin' with my family
Young n***a won trappin' a grammy, I-I want a grammy
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Young n***a won trappin' a grammy, I-I want a grammy

Ugh, now it's time for verse number 2, just like Cleveland sports teams I swear I have curse too. my girl stunning, I'm stunting, you're fronting and I'm confronting you

And I'm feeling so ambitious
Accomplishing all my mommas wishes
I showed I did it without any help, that shows I can do this without y'all b**hes

Now you know I'm gonna keep turning up
Cause that's what kid ram is known for
Shout out to all the real fans that I know just wanna hear my voice some more

Now I'm flying out to Baltimore, then catch a plane straight to New York, bout to record a couple samples for the labels that wanna hear some more, they want some more, so I give them more

Now you know I run this town
In the city hall established in the underground
Now I'm keeping all the best on the run around
Cause they bout to witness a white boy take the crown

It's mine to take, imma take it now

I keep gold trophies on my desk and I got plaques all up on the wall
But nothing compares to a Grammy that I'm about to take before all y'all

Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before
So take some notes for when the next young kid from the LC decides to take control

Imma make it mom, I can promise mom

Shoutout to Quavo for hooking me up on the chorus
When they ask "who's kid ram" you can tell them it's Ridge Morris

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