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Quavo - Good Gracious lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
All my life I been f**in' waitin' (all my life)
All my life I been f**in' patient (all my life)
I was on the block, while you on vacation
Selling medicine to the patients
All I can say is good gracious
You thought I be flippin' chickens and I'm stirrin' gravy
Look at me now all you can say is good gracious (good gracious)
You thought I would be locked down, modern day slavery (locked down)
Just look at me now all you can say is good gracious

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Me and my brothers kicking doors every summer
The neighbor say she gonna tell my mother
If she found out, man her heart would crumble
We was family before they called us gang
50 brothers all road-runners
Lost half to the chain gang, we had to cool out had to change lanes
Made 20 thousand out the Apple store
Then we made Versace on a Mac pro
Bando started getting a rack a show
Now it's 45k at arenas ho
Good gracious, the way my life is changing
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You was the man back then now you ain't sh**
Wanna get mad n***a, baow, I'm strapped I got a lawyer for the cases
Good gracious

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: OG Maco]
I don't know limitation
Money growin' like vegetation
Money walls in the basements
Money calling from the Caymans
Never going for the naysayers
Been hustlin', finessin' since breakfast
Since I was like 10 or 11 seen cops and they prejudice, prevalent
If you get that work and that fetti your boys will be better man
But they shoot us down for the hell of it
R.I.P Tony Robinson
n***as get shot everyday being n***as play the fool if you ask me
Good Gracious
Blue ink on my thumbs from the faces, I'm pacing no thoughts of safe places to places
Count boxes of mega's
We made it from nothing man

[Hook: Quavo]

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