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Quavo - Goin' Threw It lyrics

[Hook: Offset]
I'm goin' through it, my n***a ain't even loyal
He snitchin' on the kid, I heard it from my lawyer
I'm goin' through it, my b**h ain't even my b**h
She let the whole team hit, this b**h ain't worth sh**
I'm goin' through it, my brother in the cage
My grandma in the grave, the Lord told me be patient
I'm goin' through it, I gotta get this money
I'ma always ride in foreign, the codeine what I'm pourin'
I'm goin' through it

[Verse 1: Offset]
I'm goin' through it, man this sh** so crazy
'07, lost my brother, 15 years in them cages
Now my grandma rest in peace, that was my first lady
Thousand dollar specs on my face to block the haters
Goin' through it right now but still chasin' the paper
My b**h f**ed the whole team, I never should have saved her
And now I'm goin' crazy, cause I'm just goin' through it
I still walk around with Rugers cause I like to shoot 'em
I thought I loved that b**h to the mothaf**in' core
I bought her Jimmy Choos, I bought her Juicy Couture
I treated her like a queen, but she was the neighborhood whore
And now she tryna ride with me cause now I'm on tour
Money, money, money, money got me in a Porsche
Money, money, money, money got my fingers sore
I'm rollin' up a 3-5 blunt look like a core
Feds watchin' me, still servin' J's, I'm paranoid

[Hook: Offset]

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I'm goin' through it, my n***as in the slammer
I had to go to Wal-Mart and collect some Arm & Hammer
And go hard in the kitchen, finessin' nothing but tickets
Do numbers water whippin', Young Quavo, yeah I did it
My b**h, she smashed the whole team, damn that ho too friendly
So you know when I sign that deal, got to know I ain't buyin' that ho no Bentley
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Ain't seen him in two years, now he wanna come around, gotta know somethin' fishy
And I told my momma if somethin' happen to me, she can have my riches
Young Quavo, ain't leavin' my wealth to none of these b**hes
Cause once you dead and gone, she'll have another n***a in your kitchen
Water whippin', show her how you did it
If I get her the Bentley, she'll have another n***a in that Bentley

[Hook: Offset]

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
I've been goin' through it, sh** been crazy
2000, lost my cousin, cried like a baby
My ancestors been goin' through it, back then in slavery
Now the time faster, I am the master
Could've been me back then, n***a woulda been like "f** your master"
My name Takeoff, I am NASA
Every move I make, is spectacular
Northside is my nation, and I'm an amba**ador
I pray to the man above, palm to palm
Remember back in '07, almost lost my mom
That woulda hurt my heart, prolly wouldn't have no heart
Prolly would've been stopped right then, prolly wouldn't been no start
Back to kickin' them doors, back to juugin' them cars
But I pray to God, cause he healed my mom
If you talkin' 'bout that bread, then I want every crumb
Runnin' to the money like I'm in a marathon
Foreign b**h, pop a zan like she pop a gun
Smokin' on that kush, it smell just like an underarm
And the check say it wanna get married to my thumb
Goin' through it like a n***a locked up with no bond

[Outro: Takeoff]
I'm goin' through it
2000, lost my cousin RiRi, rest in peace
'07 lost my big bruh to the feds
Free Player Made
Just lost my grandmomma
Rest in peace Sally Smith, I love you
Done took so many losses, it's only right that we win

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