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Quavo - Goin Crazy lyrics

[Hook - Rich The Kid]
Riding round in the A
In the coupe going crazy
I ain‘t worried bout sh**, young n***a I'm rich
It's f** you, pay me
Don't let your ho come around me
Imma take your lady (Imma take your b**h)
Riding round in the A
In the coupe going crazy [x5]

[Verse 1 – Rich The Kid]
Touched down in the A
Maserati to Bugatti, a motherf**er start running from the paparazzi
Got 4 hoes in the pool of my Jacuzzi
Pull up, drop top, Phantom opera a movie
You see the diamonds in my watch, it ain't a G-Shock
Balenciaga on my feet this ain't no Reebok
I'm at the W, never ever been to the double tree
Eating steak & shrimp on the yacht, f** Applebees
Gianni Versace, I come to your city, take over like Nazi
I got hoes from the A to the bay
Riding round and the coupe going crazy


[Verse 2 – Quavo]
Riding round in my Audi coupe
I dare a n***a look at me wrong, cause I'm gon' shoot
I pa** the OG stuffed crust cookie Snoop
I take the pot and eggbeater, they call it cookin' a deuce
When I step inside the ‘rari, call me Crash Bandicoot
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Blood diamond came from Africa, call me Al-Farouq
Lil' mama with the big ol' booty, come here
Have you ever been in an 8 pa**enger leer
She going crazy, private jet going crazy
Told the b**h to give me head in my grandmama's ...
I ain't give her nothing
Nah, Quavo ain't a lover
You think I give a f** about a b**h, I ain't a s**er
She the past tense, got to make lil' mama absent
Versace, Versace, my fabric
Counting money in the mansion, your girl in the living room dancing
And it don't take nothing to drop her panties
Quavo! (Gone!)


[Verse 3 – Takeoff]
Coming down Peachtree in the Aston
With a bad white b**h, Jennifer Aniston
Feeling Molly Santan' again
My neighbors panicking
In my hood, every day I hear an ambulance
Ain't a damn thing changed, still serving the J's
Felicia, she want to borrow my microwave
Deebo still in the hood, creeping through your window
I'm f**ing Mrs. Parker, took her to Puerto Rico
Me, Craig, and Smokey smoke dope and we be choking
Which watch should I wear today, the heavy Breitling or the Rollie?
Reached in my Robins and I pulled out guacamole
Ain't have a clue what I was holding, F&N is what I'm toting


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