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Quavo - Get Down lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
Do you want me to put a price tag on your head nigga? (money)
Do you want me to go find out where you laying nigga? (go get em)
Do you want me to hit your block and start spraying nigga?
No, they don't want me to hit they block and start spraying nigga
Hit the block hey!
Run in your house hey!
Fuck nigga get down!

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Run in your house, where the money at? Where the dope at?
Where the stash at?
Dirty sticks automatic
I'm opening fire in traffic
I'm making your trap look like dinosaurs
Extinct, Jurassic
I'm whipping that pot on a Gangsta Grill
Shout out to Drama dramatic
Who the fuck told you that you can sell dope and step right on my block?
And how many times have I told you I do not fuck with the cops? (Fuck 12)
GLAW GLAW GLAW, fuck nigga don't know about me
Keep fucking with me nigga, they'll find you in a river somewhere in Chattanooga, Tennessee (gone!)

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
It's Guwop in this bitch and I got shooters too
Snatch all the clothes out the mall like the looters do
And all my bitches got them racks, got a Hooters crew
My rims are gorgeous, riding on forgies big as hula hoops
Fuck the prosecution, I find a revolution
Sell white Rolls Royces with focals, inspired it on constitution
Whipping up babies that child abuse
That dog food, hard, and powder too
And 12 rottweilers that I feed gunpowder
They bite, don't bark or growl at you
These young niggas'll torture you, cartel will be proud of me
Vato Poma Coto told me the federales onto you
I told Vato man fuck the feds and watch Guwop, they 'posed to do
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You local rappers dissing me, I'll put you on the local news

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 3: Offset]
The pistol I got for my enemies
Make em get in line like an assembly
You mugging too hard, you offending me
I hit em with guns made in Germany
I run in your house like a burglary
I hit em with choppers he needing a surgery
Crossing my line, I'm dropping that dime right on your mind
Hit him in the spine
I shoot the club up!
I'm feelin like Shaq, just got out of jail and I don't wanna go back
I'm knocking 'em off then I go out of the country
I travel the world they call me Offset Borat
These niggas ain't ready, spray like confetti
My niggas is lunatics but we not Nelly
Don't think that I'm scared, don't think I'm not scary
Cause young nigga walking with multiple felonies

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
You don't want Takeoff to find out where you lay your head at
I'm in your window, I'm at your back door
Fuck nigga where is the Benjamins at?
Me and my niggas, we creeping like Jeepers Creeper
Pull up on your block K right next to the speaker
I got the falcons, the seagulls, the eagles
Paper soldiers like I'm Beanie Sigel
You can fuck with that nigga but my dope is cleaner
You can shop with him but my price is cheaper
You don't want me to go get my young niggas
And pull up and hop out and spray at your people
Price tag on your head
Talking about QC then we gone get physical
AK out the window, this shit gone get critical
Got certified shooters, ain't no way they missing you

[Hook: Quavo]

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