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Quavo - Fuck The Rap Game (Remix) lyrics

[Produced by Metro Boomin]

[Hook : Jose Guapo]
Fuck the rap game, fuck the rap game
Fuck the rap game, fuck the rap game
All these rappers know they pussies anyway
All these rappers know they pussies anyway
Fuck the rap game, fuck the rap game
Fuck the rap game, fuck the rap game
Whether I rap or not nigga we gon' be straight
Whether I rap or not nigga we gon' be straight

[Verse 1 : Jose Guapo]
I think I started kickin' shit the year '06
Since my heart so cold I had to ice my neck and wrist
You know I ran my check up and fucked every bitch
Real homie what it do? You know I still ain't worried 'bout shit
Purple bale down a hundred pound we got them truck load nigga
Ridin' around smokin' on Keisha
Got the F&N tucked in the console nigga
Got a lotta bands, yea we got them bands
Brrrr wanna hear a drumroll nigga
You know my niggas don give a damn
Do you want me to unload nigga
Po' up, po' up, po' up, po' up, po' up
All I drink's dirty
Old ass rapper, I think this nigga forty (Bussin'!)
Straight drop right out the pot I'm talkin' 36 (Gambino!)
I keep shooters 'round me foo, Rollie worth a brick!
I'm in Houston with 2 hoes, lookin' elegant (She bad!)
Guap-Obama in my city I'm the president (No lie!)
All these rappers goin' broke, man they full of shit (Broke)
Just hit a lick if he ain't on foreign shit (M&M's nigga!)
Million dollar kitchen I'm bout' to Forbes list (M&M's nigga!)
I shitted on my teachers in Rolls Royces
Chico end up dope in Porsches
These niggas wifin' hoes, I'm just divorcin'
If you ain't worth a mill you ain't important
And these new Giuseppe's cost your mortgage
Fuck these niggas thoughts, Guapo been a boss
Fuck the rap game, servin' out a loft


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[Verse 2 : Offset]
I don't fuck with you rappers
Bitin' and takin' my swag when you know I'm the master
Trapper turned rapper, bando turned mansion
Hannah Montana crowd jumpin' like [?]
If I was not artist I wouldn't have a problem with selling Bob Marley
Or selling Icarly
I probably be jiggy, finessin' for 50 at [?]
Cheetah my Louboutins, walkin' safari
Your favorite rapper I'm his favorite artist
Murder Versace put it in a coffin
Sippin' on Actavis like it was coffee
QC the label and we independent
Most of them niggas ain't gettin no Benjis
The flow that you spittin' and you know we invented
The media sayin' it and all the critics
Fuck the rap game!

[Verse 3 : Takeoff]
I know real street niggas, fuck the rap game
Strike for a hundred M's on the dice game
Black Corvette, I Forgi my rims and I'm in the fast lane
I got a noise complain because of the way my mockingbirds sing
Pull my Murciélago "mi Guapo!"
Yeah that's my vato sellin' Taco
Get you knocked off and my migo'll chop you
My niggas they psycho, but ride with the rifle
The world full of devils, I'm readin' my bible
You say you the king and I'm takin' your title
You niggas wasn't rappin' like this before Migos
The ruggedest flow, swiper no swiping


[Verse 4 : Quavo]
They know that we settin' the trend, we come in the rap game
Versace made me take the pot and I threw it away
I'm still connected in the streets
My nigga trapped in the dope game
I still got some niggas locked up in the chain gang
Fuck the rap game your favorite rapper is bitin' the steelo
Don't think I'm cray when I hop in the car and I 'rari young Guapo


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