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Quavo - Foreal lyrics


Foreal....So Sincere..

LongWay n***a

She for me, I'm for her, My type of b**h
Rock out with me, in the trap serving splits
Still with the same n***a, came out the brick
No new friends, shoot for my homeboys

Everything I do sincere
Skies the limit, I'll take a jet, Lear
Sipping on lean in a root beer
So Sincere, So Sincere

So Sincere, So Sincere
Get it by my pop (Get it by my pop)
So Sincere (So Sincere)
Show mama dollars (Show mama dollars)
So Sincere, So Sincere

[Verse 1 - PeeWee LongWay]

Hit a n***a a** up with the choppa
Yellow Tape, I'm at the doctor by my potna
Giuseppe he stepping at the murder scene
Fresh as a b**h cleaner than Listerine

Bite down on molly not a bean
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VVS shout out like Horror scene
Jugging them bricks, I'm Charlie Sheen
How could I not go hard for my team

M.P.A. Bandcamp, all [?] me?
Get it for the low, Bags of the OG
Set it off, could [?] for the whole [?]
Bands in my pocket call them b**hes Monique

I'm so sincere that b**h gotta be free
Elegant sediment, body unique
b**h wanna run around the lobby with me

All of my n***as in the lobby
Boot it up, [?][?][?][?][?]
Me and my n***a, my n***a call shots
We just wanna add it up, M&M
My type of a b**h that a rock out the spot
[?][?][?] spell M&M?
She know I'm chief of the [?]


[Verse 2 - Quavo]
Who got the PT, ready to pay two thousand foreal
My n***as come k**, they'll lay your a** down foreal
She popping a molly, that b**h wanna roll foreal
You think that I'm playing, young n***a foreal

What n***a you know trapped out the 'bando pay the whole damn neighborhood bills
What n***a you know, no training, they got a mill in the floor foreal
Sincere, but my n***as bout k**ing, all of my n***as want Bentley's
So guess what we did? We beat up the block now we trapping out Bentley's

M.P.A. Band camp, they keep it real to me
Migos Gang, M.P.A., so you know they'll k** for me
So you probably can't get nowhere near me
Do you feel me?
Double down [?] in here seriously


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