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Quavo - Fly With A Fish lyrics


Hit 'em with the hundred round
Make a nigga split
Young nigga trappin
On da block sellin' nicks
I fly with a fish
I fly with a fish
I fly with a fly with a fish
I fly with a fish
I fly with a fish
I fly with a fly with a fish (2x)

Hit 'em with a hundred round (BOW)
POW, get down - fuck nigga talkin'bout
Clown don't make no sound -
I'm fuckin' yo bitch
You mad and shit
Young nigga I keep stended(extended) clips
My nigga got whips
My nigga they playin' round with dirty stick
I know that you mad
I know that you hate
Cause you and yo partnas ain't ate (you hungry?)
I pull up at eight, yo bitch is the date
The Audi it come with the skates
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I'm good from State to State
You go to that State you might get raped (rape 'em)
Got Ben-jamin Franka-lin Grants and Jacksons
Watches stacked on my Plate!


I'm cookin' Tilapia
My diamonds cold -- Antarctica
I live a magazine article
Bitches like Twitter
These Pictures they always gone follow us
Pull up the street like the Opera
I run da block like the mafia
Sellin' that gas to my rasta
Came from my white boy
I got that salvia
These niggas think that they pourin' up
Drink so sweet I don't need Jolly Ranchers
Tell yo girlfriend you a character
You play so hardcore you Jolly Ranch
Flashin' my diamonds is dancin'
Takin' it straight with the gadget
Pull in my mansion
Hop out I pulled up
I got yo bitch dirty dancing


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