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Quavo - Adios lyrics

[Verse 1: Quavo]
These b**hes see a young n***a
Cause I'm walkin' round with these hundreds
And I pull up in that Lambo
So fast you ain't even see me coming
I got chickens out in the country
Got a AK finna start drumming
You was talking sh** behind my back
But now here a n***a you ain't sayin' nothin'
Young rich n***a live forever, my trap game A1 clever
You say that I'm broke how dare ya'
I ain't never goin' broke never ever
Your arms and your legs I sever
Then feed em to the sharks for dinner
Quavo too hot like a kettle
Young n***a and I keep the heavy metal

[Hook: Quavo]
Adios, adios, adios
You ain't talkin' cash n***a adios
Adios, adios, adios
You ain't talkin' to the plug n***a adios
Adios, adios, adios
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If you ain't talkin' Benji's n***a adios
Adios, adios, adios
You ain't talkin' gwala n***a adios

[Verse 2: Take Off]
Yeen talkin' bout cash adios
I pull up in drop top convertible Rolls
My chain is all gold, the Fendi to Gucci to Louie
I see it I buy what I want
Young rich n***a I take a toast
Finessin' Pablo, he gotta go
Up on the boat, finessin' Pablo out his O's
Meetin' up with Carlito
I'm takin' them trips cross the globe
The dope that I smoke get you high, UFO
I'm sellin you ain't gettin' it back, no repo
It's finito, b**h adios
You standin' and lookin' like you seen a ghost
Maybe it's cuz I'm in this Phantom Ghost
I'm trippin' I just finessed you out the do'
Finessin' the plug, it's adios

[Hook: Quavo]

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