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Qaiser Ali Khan - I think i love you lyrics

I think i love you
if it is the right word to use
i see me
with your eyes
i wear what you like
even the colors of your choice
i speak the way you prefer
i act the way you act
my looks are locked in yours
like the sunflower i follow my sun
i never text you unless
your text beeped on my cellphone
oft immersed in lectures deep
you twirl the pencil in your slender fingers
i do the same
you seem to like the color of your skin
and i am black, a natural black
how can i become blond? tell me
Oh i can see the spark in your eyes
when you smile at some playful joke
and i love the way you put
a slanting look to my side

Oh i have committed a crime
my blood is more red and hot
my passion and love is at the top
my heart feels the pangs you never know
with every moment in degrees it grow
i see you with your eyes
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breathe you in your musky breath
feel you inside me as death
since i have committed a crime
i love you as life loves death.

i know...
in the laws of nature
never the light of day can see
the deep romance in the silence of nights
never the tomb of moonless nights
can ever imagine sunbathed mornings
never the tongues of flames can lick
the honeyed dewdrops at the cobweb-strings
our unknown bond will not bind our nature
tell me..
its God who has given me you
as my love my soul my very hue
If He can pour love in souls
why this one contrast in nature?
why not night may love the day
why not water in the ecstasy of fire sway
why not i become blond like you
to love you, even more love you
for i have committed a crime..
tell me..
God, how can i change my skin
for you have changed my heart and soul
my every action, my every thought
every fiber of the veins you wrought
tell me God
for i think
i have committed a crime

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