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Qaiser Ali Khan - How can i tell, how can i say, lyrics

how can i tell,
how can i say,
you are no stranger
i know you
i see you
i feel you
Oh dont torture me
you are not far from me
distances are meaningless for us
i see you like the star
that winks at me from near the moon
our souls have met somewhere
in our primordial lives
in heaven
i see your soul
through the shine of your eyes
i feed on your deep deep eyes
i breathe your breath, i slake my thirst
at every sigh you heave
i feel sweet pain
at every moment when you think about me
i was nothing
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you made me special
oh my queen, my fairy my love my loveliness
for the touch of your hand
for the smile of your radiant face
for the curve of your lips
for the black of your eyes
for the thoughtful brow my lady
for the simple glory of your attire
and the simple beauty of your simple thoughts
i can burn Illuim twice
and fight even gods
that doomed poor Odepus.
I dont need you
Not your body, not your words
I dont need you
Not your presence or absence
my love has transcended all limits of love
i have your soul
you are my soul
i am the King of the world.

Qaiser ali khan 18-10-2014

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