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Q Heem the Redeemed - HOGMOB Cypher 2017 lyrics

Hog... Mob haha


Yeah haha

They shoulda never let us in Sev

Yeah uh

[Verse 1: Illuminate]
Now homie this is my bidness
A whole crew that spit raw vicious
And can't no man take credit homie cuz God did this
Y'all as my witness, we hit these venomous blocks
Where it be smelling like d**h, piss and cinnamon schnapps
Oh no Ill
They say you over the top
Well call it what you want homie I'm just over the talk
They got kids my son's age out there totin' them chops
So I gotta bring true freedom and some hope to the block
That sin iss an epidemic nope, it ain't gonna stop
The only cure is the blood of Christ
So come and get you a gwop
So while that beat knock
I spit them heat rocks that detox
The average mind while I grind like Rocksteady and Bebop
Got homies that C-walk got rellies that bang blood
But I bang the light and give them Christ til they change up
I flame up anything that I put my mind to
Something like an epudemic kinda like that Swyne flu

[Verse 2: Qheem The Redeemed]
Let's get this murder clear
I don't see no body
I spit sick off the head I got cerebral palsy
Christ the head honcho
We the body
The holy spirit stay near us like that's my chemosabbi
I rap until the daffodils is lavender
We got the chill no crash to k** your pa**engers
My aunt locked up in fact the deal was ma**acre
Christ made me amba**ador, yeah
I'mma keep it a thousand bruh
Jesus and I, huh you do the algebra
H-O-G see? M-O-B b
We ready to rock out like AC/DC
Feel like a shell poppin
Got on the cool J's the bell's rockin
Slid away
Get away like El Chapo
Everybody know we get to do it foul
When we hit him like BLAOW
Now that's a body blow

[Verse 3: Donte tha Artist]
Late 80s street crazy I was growin up
Whole lotta s**, lotta smoke and lotta pourin' up
Let my pants hang bang gang signs throwin' up
Showin up showin' out no signs of slowin' up no
The Old G's taught me English from an Olde bottle
Hottest scene fiends leaning on old auto
Sold dope like hope to an old model
Local slug peelers drug dealers were my role models
A lot of weight relocate to the west state set pace
Fly a flag bang for your set's sake
Too real blue steel
Blue chucks chest plate
Trade shots with the next block over rec space
And I will transport til I was caught
Realized 30 years in the cell was my next fate
I begged for mercy and He did it
Was acquitted
True story of a HOGMOB n***a never need a fitted

[Verse 3: Sevin]
Devil needs to pipe down
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Now and fear the a**a**in
Especially when his weapon's wiped down
And the serials scratched in a serious fashion
Catch a furious lashin'
Leave him bleeding in his pad like his period's pa**in'
This the MOB I really bang for the low player
We train for the warfare
I came from a cold lair
These haters so lame they keep on saying it's no fair
He's a heir to the throne his name came with a gold chair
Ferocious is the new network
He brought us over but Jehovah is the true expert
Lift His name
Spit a flame
We gon' give the game a suplex Church
But lyrically and spiritually I also do wetwork
What's that mean?
That means we crackin' like two sets that spew threats
On no matter who steps on blue/red turf
The Devil wants it with us we can play some roulette jerk
Let two techs squirt
Then fold him like a too wet shirt
Where I dwell it's really hell it ain't wise to get lost there
I'm programming it's like the Lord comprised me of software
The Devil think he large
He ain't the size of a boss bear
To me it's just a frickin soft pair in the cross-hairs
Ok ok let me get back to my calm down
Slinky with the game boy I'm pa**ing the dime down
Satan wanna crack with the compound
I ain't trippin'
I am spirit filled and strapped like the back of a prom gown

[Verse 4: Faith Pettis]
They say Faith why you don't spit them bars
How I done i represent the ones that's in those bars
I'm from the sewer
They don't take nothing to spit that lard
I'm with the Lord I don't need a monster to get that charge
I'm from the black top it should be gun shots in the back drop
Game gon' get folded like a laptop
I do it for the have-nots
One that's on the block pushing crack rock
The fiends that was coppin' at my Gram's spot
You know the difference you listen to what I'm spittin
He wrapped me up and sent me out cuz I was gifted
HOGMOB on a mission
Dishin for fishes enlisted in prison
We spittin so vicious hoping that they listen
All eyes on me
New edition to what was missing on that purple rag
Opposition get lifted and put up in that purple bag
In addition the scripture filled up into that purple mag
Catch us on the hill waving the purple flag

[Verse 5: Maclashen]
Step to the mob with respect for God
Being slapped and stomped
We wreckin balls
Directed by Yahweh to bring ya set to cross
d**h to the flesh unimpressed with drawin ya weapons
All my tech is called the shepherd and bless it Hog
The breath of God
We hit the blockw ith the gospel to bring the truth to life
Dispute the lies hostile apostles and we refuse to die
You're living lost with a cost you could choose to lie
But you decide the cross or the coffin crossing the full divide
The devil lurks but we move in works interceptably
We bled the turf now we bring the church in effectively
We bless the freaks but they desperately need the recipe
To set them free from d**h
So we preach the word so agressively
I stay committed to the great commission
Reppin' my Savior bang for the MOB
And put my work in with a gang of Christians
My main's forgiven for my days of sinnin'
Forever blessed in God
And I ain't leavin' til my days are finished

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