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German rockers Pyogenesis began their career in the early '90s, making a gothic d**h metal hybrid that sounded much like Paradise Lost. They kept this style throughout their first two EPs, but started to tweak it on their first full-length album, 1995's Sweet X-Rated Nothings. The vocals were much clearer and the sound was a little less dark. But no one could have expected things to change as dramatically as they did, later that year they released Twinaleblood to their shocked fanbase. Gone were the doomy lyrics and heavy riffs, they were replaced with a pop-punk sound that instantly alienated much of their audience and pushed their career into a much more commercial direction. Their follow-up, Unpop, was even more poppy and sweet, but at that point they had lost most of their metal audience and were making more headway with their alternative pop/rock. 2000 saw the release of P, another catchy collection of songs that were in the same vein as the last two albums, and they promoted themselves stronger than ever before with a new website and a lengthy tour. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

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