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PxMxWx - Local 580 lyrics

First Verse
{ Lil' Slim}

Ghetto a** n***a and I'm true to the game
I had an f**ed up childhood but that's not to blame
The way I'm from they got my name on the wall
My name on the wall because I got big balls
n***as round my way say I ain't nothin'
But I'm down wit my hood because you know I'm still struglin'
Afro and Eagle is where the dope fiends dwell
n***as slangin' f**in' nine and makin' money as well
Pop pop watch the Glock no I'm never gonna stop
Bloody stones in my hand from watchin' a n***a drop
I don seen n***as bleed from bullets that have been bust
I'm pullin' n***as cars and leavin' b**hes in my dust
Then I met to n***as who was really try'na save me
Baby and Slim they had the local 580
To you my n***a Pimp, Ms. Tee, and Big D
My n***as got my back off of Apple and E
Always ready to peel one they call me the lil' one
Rat a Tat Tat now ya flat because I got my gun

Second Verse
{Pimp Daddy}

I'm down wit local 580 cuz I got much love
Black and White tee shirts when we walk up in the club
Straight gangsta to the back where dey yacky the gat
Pull it out Blok Blok my n***as always got my back
Been an ghetto a** n***a ever since I've was a kid gee
My daddy was an fiend never came around to see me
That's all right because the sh** is gettin' bigger
Hooked up wit CMR and meet some gangsta a** n***a
Now I'm in it to win it deep in this game wit my boys
Down wit local 580 and we bout to bring noise

Third Verse
{Gangsta Dee}

I'm Gangsta Dee from the streets down wit u.n.l.v
I'm comin' straight up gangsta tellin' n***as to back up off me
If you don't corporate its closer to you I'm takin' it off yo shoulder
Knock yo mutherf**in' head off
The mic is in my hand I'm actin' bad goin' wild
Them n***as on the street still jockin' u.n.l.v. style
n***as talkin' sh** but know they scared to tot the trigger
If ya dissin' u.n.l.v. you just an p**y a** n***a
I'm that f**in' gangsta always packin' me a gat
I'm down wit Yella, Tec and that other gangsta fat
Yeah n***a I might be young but I ain't no f**in' joke
If ya step to me ya get yo mutherf**in' neck broke
The crowd is gettin' hype lamest n***a ain't no thing
I'm down wit that 3rd but slang in that thirteen
I'm a n***a dat don't give a f** I'm always packin' nines
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n***a livin' box you know we don't mind dyin'
So now you got a piece of the mutherf**in' young gee
I'm tellin' p**y n***as to watch out
b**h back up off me

Forth Verse
{Mr. Ivan}

I'm cool wit gangsta a** n***as
Picky pop on yo a** b**h
I'm quick to k** a n***a the very second ya hear my nine click
The mind of a criminal the section' wit the twelve gage
I'm quick to k** a n***a widin' up on the front page b**h
Blackin' wit my Glock buckin' 'em down wit my k's uhh
We show no kind of emotion Local 580 don't play uhh
Its time to take it from a real a** n***a leave ya
Mutherf**ers stankin' in the mornin' we gonna do ya n***a
U.N.L.V. uptown n***as livin' violent wit an downtown n***a
k**in' fect real silent Local 580 on a buster hunt
Takin' a n***a hostage crack his skull and smoke a blunt
Chea Man! been known to k** a n***a wit my nine-a
Been shake 'em buckin' 'em stickin' watchin' do this crime (uhh)
A n***a a** off the mat gee I told yo a** before not to f** wit me
Now my mind clickin' about to nut yo b**h a**
Rip yo chest doin' a murder in a hockey mask
Bloke bloke takin' makin' bleed to d**h I'm bout to k** yo b**h
Gettin' out the box wit some murderous a** gangsta sh**
I'm crackin' heads like an shake
So don't forget the white chalk and the f**in' yellow tape
I'm bout to k** a b**h y'all ready for PMW to break you off b**h!

Fifth Verse

Its the Local 580 n***as dats crazy
f** wit me me fool and you be pushin' up daisies
Its the real 'G' thing hittin' 'em wit a swang
Pop and nine millimeter dope bing
(hmm mm) Sound of the dumb dumb
Real n***as die fool so Here I come
I'm feelin' kind of hungry got to stay on my sh**
Walk on stage wit my weed and grab my dick
Ya down for your crown I'm up for my throne
But I think its about time you leave me alone
I blow smoke in yo face and constipate
Manny Fresh on the board won't ya drop the base
580 droppin' bottles for an buster on a mission
Them b**hes must be worried cuz they all about dissin'
I'm a piss on yo parade keep f**in' wit me n***a
I'm a throw my hand grenade
Boom boom on that a** with the quickness
That's the way it is when I handle my business
Pimps hustlers and n***as thats crazy
The only mutherf**ers thats real in the
Local 580!

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