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Puff Johnson - f** Y'all lyrics

[Intro: Kurupt]
This is dedicate to all y'all skanless-a** dusty-a** broke-a** busta-a** n***as

[Hook: Puff Johnson]
Y'all ain't sayin' nothin'
Y'all n***as is f**in', f** y'all
f** y'all
f** y'all, f** y'all
Always poppin' somethin'
Y'know I'm gon' come back dumpin'
f** y'all, f** y'all
f** y'all, f** y'all

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
I'm like f** you; you ain't never been sh**, never was sh**
f** it the way I was taught was never trust sh**, especially this
Funny style, funny lookin' b**h n***a here
I'mma tell you so fast, so quick
n***a if you say another word, that's it
I'mma slap him like the b**h that he is
Then I'mma turn around and slap the b**h that he with
I ain't never understood your type
You know you wanna be a boss
We cut from a different cloth
They never thought me and Quik would get it together
Keep it Crippin' while I dip and sip and spit it together
f** y'all


[Verse 2: DJ Quik]
Yeah I'm put together, Compton built me with an Einstein brain
We live in Southern California where you gotta make it rain~!
And if you jump I'll help you reconstruct the crash of the plane
To survive, you gotta embrace pain
Cause pain tells you that you need to get right with yaself
So when you do replace the pain with wealth
And even though the money can't buy you health
[Lyrics from: https:/**-yall.html]
You'll be eatin' right for tellin' them just how you felt
I sleep in a mirrored room, worthy of an emperor
I only get a temper when I'm talkin' to the simpletons
Give me patience, I deal with mental patients
I see you as a dunce but I haven't said it once


[Verse 3: DJ Quik]
Hey, we-we let it go, but you gotta get it though
Kurupt is the venom; and Quik is the antidote
Even though your man is slow, and can't keep the tempo yo
I'm keepin it simple I'm stuck to this instrumental
So bounce - we in your city makin' all our rounds
We get the dollars, euros, yen and pounds
We stand on top of the couches; we like those girls
Without pouches and those braces and the slouches
So now we'd like to challenge y'all to all get down
But all together like couples to the sound
Don't want to hear no rebuttal
Think of the music as the tracks and your body's the shovel

Take off, blast off in the sky to a high
My bad, I ain't mean to make you mad
Cadillac on 3's, old school, O.D.'s make you shiver
If you try to take mines, or my homey's, I deliver
These cannonball words through your window through the info
Through your liver listenin' I tell ya how I'm feelin'
f** y'all

[DJ Quik]
Hey - Hi-C, AMG, K&D, why y'all names all rhyme and mine don't?
Cause I got it and y'all won't?
I'm the Quiksta, I'm the funk, I be bangin' in the trunk
All the b**hes wanna f** me cause they know I ain't no punk
I'mma tell you n***as once and for all dagnabbit
If you can't see me with it, then you can never have it
So f** y'all

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