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Psychotic - True Journey lyrics

Intro: (Yeah f** the lies, f** the anger Jus' truth Uh hah)
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Verse: It was only a dream back when a n***a was 13, From flirtin' with girls To losin' interest I was all bwt my rap When I had noticed How typical N predictable I had become Just to co-exist Looked around my friends Nun' real they'd just fade like the mist Felt god had helped me c I was Programmed 2 be me Was listenin' 2 all These commercial cats who made me feel like a gee So I switched Was different n fly like a sparrow Listened 2 Hopsin',Who Gave me inner strength like bone marrow Canibus Vinnie Paz n not 4gtn The Pharaohs Started feelin' sorry 4 the young hoes Rockin' up at shows With no skirts down low All this for Rappers What the hell 4, Real Cats not Noticin' Hw fake they were N dc was no lie You ain' got 9 lives Get shot once n you die Rage Of Truth I'm spreadin' Didn' like the path I was headin' So I vowed 2 never lose focus Listenin' 2 Talib ever since 4th grade He was the 1 Trust I was older so I felt I had turned new page, A new age I felt mature but Still wasn't sure of my purpose furthest I had issues I didn' know Inherited demons that wouldn't go Cast upon me 2 hol' me back After Several ceremonies I said f** dat, Wu Tang Was Where I at Immortal Technique To top dat I still do it infact, Conspiracies Goverment secrets n facts k**er Bees Illuminated Enlightened Felt useless while Real Rappers gettin' Your intelligence heightened I had found my purpose Felt my body return 2 the surface I had been buried in lies Looked in my parent's eye's they took it as a stage I felt rage Felt my confidence was being locked in a cage Big bro understood Atleast I thought it 2 be so Encouraged me when he heard but it was hardly so But I didn' Care much Praised god so I didn' fear much I felt I was chosen 2 save mankind Rappers thought they see'n me But they were all blind Couldn' find a reason To change themselves like the season So they threw away What I had spoken provokin' a darker side of D, Devil saw an opportunity I let it be Later Went to war To Purify Me further more Try not sin N society'll treat you like rubbish n put you in a bin Sad part is that there's realization of the system of masons created to divert our focus From savin' Instead of cavin' the people Couldn't bare the thought of us being equal so they destroyed n Formed a new image Believin' it to ube the sequel but I'm still here Young Kid spittin' god's words in your ear I hope hear clearly Words come with apocalypse but ain't no need 2 fear me 4real see, Spittin' such truth at this age A sense of hate from hell's rage Words from heaven A sage, I shift faster faster like my life had a gauge like my life my life had a gauge...(Echo) Psychotic...

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