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Psychotic - I Don't Like Pt. 2 (Extended Bonus Track) lyrics

[Intro: Psychotic]
It's E.R.A, We In This Motherf**er

[Verse 1: Psychotic]
I've Spoken, No Provoking, This The Rap Game And I'm The Token
I Bring Misery, Solve The Mystery, Who's Stupid Enough To Face Me?
Psychotic, I'm An Error (E.R.A.), Better Know You Can't Erase Me, I'm The Mentalist Like Crazy People Going For Registration
You A Sell-Out, f**ing With Me?
No Legislation, Free Man Spittin' Bars, I'm On Probation, Donkey's Immigrating Cause I Kick Ass
Like I Was Asian, Facing Hell's Fury Cause I Don't Like You Fake Rappers, Wanna Burn, Illuminate You, I Hate You, Decapitate You
No Reason, Just Believing And Relieving This Urge And Retrieving Your Heart's In A Surge, I Urge Dominance, My Prominance
Taking Over This Throne (b**h, I'm The Rebellious Prince!)

[Hook: Psychotic]
You Fake n***as, That's The sh** I Don't Like
You Wack n***as, That's The sh** I Don't Like
You b**h n***as, That's The sh** I Don't Like
I Said It n***as! You The sh** I Don't Like
Don't Like, (I Hate It) Don't Like
You Fake n***as, That's The sh** I Don't Like
Don't Like, Don't Like
All These n***as Fronting, Man, You The sh** I Don't Like
Don't Like, Don't Like
Get My Gat, Cause I'm Popping All These n***as I Don't Like

[Verse 2: K.C.]
It's K.C, I Ain't The Leader But Don't f**ing Face Me, You Can't Chase But Can't Erase Me
Coming In 1st So Let The Race Be
For That Dough, And n***as Hate When I Rap Slow
But At The River Banks, Just To Watch My f**ing Cash Flow
Let My Raps Go, My Raps Can Get You High (Yes)
I'm That Dope, On That Slope And That Coke, Against Me? n***a, You Got No Hope
And We Don't Choke And You Don't Smoke
You Going Broke Like Old Folks And We Don't Like
Hating n***as Who Don't Write Cause We Don't Like
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b**h n***as? We Don't Like
Broke n***as? We Don't Like
Rich n***as? We Don't Like
Fake n***as? We Don't Like

[Verse 3: Onslaught X]
(Young Chop On The Beat)
b**h n***as! (I Don't Like)
Y'all Switch Flows Like River-Water Transvestites
You Think You Get, High Bars From Smoking Gospel Verses, Right? (Riiiight)
Rapping With Them Skinny Jeans, Yet Your Flow Ain't Even Tight, (Nah)
You Better Off With Kiddy Hooks Like Disney's Peter Pan, This Ain't No Fairytale, I Throw Acid Like Toxic Spiderman (Haha)
Cook Up One Hell Of A Storm, I'm The Kitchen's Weatherman, Then Make It Rain RPG's On Pyramids And Destroy Pentagrams (Yeah!)
You Turn Me Off Like Load Shedding And Granny's Orgasms, Lions Ready To Spit-Fire, Watch Us Do It Without The Matches
This Is My Vision, I'm Bring Cannibalism, Blast n***as To An Oblivion, s** My Dick For Nutrition

[Hook: Psychotic]

[Verse 4: Chronicle UZI]
Spit, Deadly Lines On The Mic, Leaving Malfunctioning Flow
Got A Submission On Your Verse, Go Rehearse, Still Choking Like
UZI Got Your Tongue, Suffocate Your Lungs, Haters Can't Catch Me Cause I'm Sprung
I Ain't Lying, You n***as Mad Cause I Made A Remix Of The Truth, b**h I'm Living Proof
Backstabbers Can Whip Me, E.R.A. On Top, That's Exactly How It Should Be
Reconstruct That p**y Like RDP, I Lay On Your Ass On The Side Like Bedsheets
Wet Dreams From Wack Rappers, That's The sh** I Don't Like
b**h-Ass Haters, That's The sh** I Don't Like
UZI k**ing These n***as, E.R.A. Bless Your Ass With d**h, No Regret, Repossess Your Soul Cause, Grimm X (Onslaught X) f**ing Cold, Battlefield's A Crash Course Cause n***a, E.R.A. On A f**ing Roll, No Control
n***a, We On k**er-Mode, Fire These b**hes Up Like I'm Tetostorone
It's UZI, When You Talk You Better Watch Your Tone
Engrave Your Ass With A Bullet And Bury It In Your Head So You Won't Forget, Can't Forget
Grimm X, K.C And Boi D, n***a UZI Ain't Alone
You Won't Live To Tell The Story If You Face UZI, The Last Thing You'll Ever See Is Chrome
Ask Houdini About Abracadaba, Cause Now You f**ing Gone
b**hes, Stop Tripping Or I'mma Blow Up Your Flight
It's UZI Man!!

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