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Psychic Records - Hottest Out lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm like the sun in the summer, cause I'm the hottest out
These n***as claim they dripping sauce, I'm about to cause a drought
Young n***a been finessing, never tapped out
Couple shooters, then my n***as about to spaz out
I'm that lyrical genius these n***as want to sign
I put in work, time to clock in, because it's my time
I've been chasing this paper, I'm on the fastest route
And everyone of y'all hating, y'all see what I'm about
I don't ever kiss a b**h, but imma make it out
I eat these rappers like my dinner, time to take you out
And if these n***as want the beef, I'm probably staking out
I got her head up in the pillow, makeup on the couch
I'm so beyond all these rappers, I push the ceiling up
I got a temper like Jenga, that sh** keep building up
All these rappers, they looking, they wish they was me
I got them coming up short, I call them Muggsy
I'm trying to tell you how it is, cause y'all just seem confused
My raps gone wake you up, no time for pressing snooze
I just handle my business like I'm the real estate
I dropped a remix back to back, and I ain't talking Drake

[Verse 2]
My flow so sick, so when I spit it's like the flu game
These b**hes want it, so I kick it like I'm Liu Kang
These n***as focused, trying to hate, I always peep though
They talk behind my back, but still can't take my heat though
My style unique, cause I just rap and rock designer clothes
My b**h is always coming 10, just like I'm counting toes
I'm trying to make my grandma proud, I know she's looking down
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These n***as throw dirt on my name, it's like I'm underground
I'm kicking n***as out the game, the Bernie Sanders curse
I pack the metal on the beat, I'm trying to can the verse
I'm trying to take off like a Rocky, y'all just watch me launch
Look out this beat, I'm about to eat it like a restaurant
I just keep going, and flowing, I'm never slowing down
My man keep busting, I'm the top, got the hottest sound
Got n***as breathless, they testing, but they know where I be
I got my weapon like Evan, I shoot them in their sleep

[Verse 3]
You know I always been the hottest, greatest in the Valley
If you can hear it, show your spirit, school pep rally
I'm always thinking outside, left pitch sweep
These n***as contradict themselves, so practice what you preach
These n***as mad, guess I have to get their hoes back
I'm getting cheese, my diamonds blinging like I'm Kodak
These n***as dissing on the low, my 30 tote that
And all I speak is truth, my n***a, I just throw facts
I told my people tie their shoes, cause n***as trip daily
My boys could fall, it's like it's my freestyle, like Slim Shady
This b**h addicted to my thing, cause she just keep blowing
I'm going hard up on this track, they call me Jesse Owens
New music is coming, I'm flaming on the regular
They waiting, they patient, they itching like it's eczema
Don't try to look at my diamonds, that sh** will blind you
These pussies trying to run the game, we come and find you
I'm never lacking, I'm packing ratchets, my n***as trapping
I'm rapping for life and n***as know I'm a f**ing savage
I'm living lavish, [?], don't know what happened
[?], I'm on the top and I ain't talking attic

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