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Prince Sani Gee Gh - WestSide (Freestyle) lyrics

Westside. Gee Gh huh, It's about time niqqa
You know, we always come with the fire
Ha, but this time we coming low
I came like a traffic but I don't go so slow
You b**h a** n***a huh Priggy!!!

Took it to the westside, ma f**er am here no play time
Its daytime, night time,war time, peace time, f** some me time
n***a, yeah Its a war crime. I told you that yeah its a deadline
Born on earth , curse to the d**h, bless with the curse, like hicop burp
I dont wear skirt, hatters getting verse
Things getting worst, i need some nurse fly niqqas yeah with no airline, its a deadline, rap in my bloodline
Abi you bab, now make you dab
They the kids and am their dad, am so bad, call me Jallal
Am from Ghana not f**ing Trinidad
Now b**h sing Soledad
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(Verse 2)
Now shut up, b**h wanna f** up clown a** n***as u fell or u stand up hmmm, b**h wanna f** it, s** it
n***a stop hesitating when she take it
She bring out the gun, now make you run keep f**ing b**h, Don't wanna cum
She swing with the tongue, Prrrrr
Spray with the gun, run as you can paww!! I shine like the sun, mana bad man, miah come demma run, spray with the gun
Miah fada, dama son, miah fada, dama son, ah miah fada, dama son
Told you n***a am here to have fun
Niqqas start popping, Air is dropping,got no money? so no shopping
I ain't stoppin, niqqa keep rapping
Motherf**er keep playing but i ain't catching
Weak a** niqqa your raps ain't touching


b**h! your rap ain't touching
sh** crazy

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