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Prince Sani Gee Gh - The Beast lyrics

Yeah, Gee Gh

(Verse) 1
I told you am the beast
I Swear to God Yeah Am the beast
Got my girlfriend. beauty and the beast
Im from the east. Now am going? Yeah now we rollin
Bad b**h wanna keep this sh** blowing blowing blowing
n***as start hating. they sell out but we ain't buying
Millitant i swear they start crying, Flying break it like a news
n***as wanna f** with me cause i pay my dues
I dont freestyle. i style free
Bad b**h wanna f**, Issah Gee
I will rap till i D I E
Am a ghost son, Imma make you blind
States empires we the vimpers, tears
We drink your blood with no fears

This a freestylin Ah, Say this a freestyling
Prince Gee Gh, this a freestyling
Am the best, im the beast niqqa
Silence!!! Ahaha

(Verse 2)
This is the moment i tell my story
Not here, not now and not the glory
Now you f** with me, i tell no story
Bla bla bla, shot you in your face paw paw paw
You copy my style, funny how you rap
I rap then you clap
Prince gee gh the voice from the east
So at least throw me a feast
Cause am the beast, Neat, never penetrate
Life time life time. love is a crime,say Asalam
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Been a longtime n***a meni kum
Been ages to cages. im grown man i need no babes
Hold me down Hold me Down, pay me, daily
n***as stop playing, always pray darly
Life in the fast lane, n***a stop gaming. mine
Speak my mind, never mind what a speak
Smile and show me your teeth
Niqqa wanna stand up on thier feet
Young dezzy, t streets. i k** the beat
Food is ready bon appeite..
Think am done? Yeah complete
His mighty club yeah am a beast
Crawlin hands and feet
Heaven or hell. Life or d**h
Pain in my heart thought of d**h
Hit me from the bottom. now on top
b**hes ain't sh** but hoes and tricks
Fall in love, fall for the tricks.. break like a bricks
Fly like an angel. sound like a jingle. i heard you are single. Beast wanna mingle. my brown eyes twinkle. loser, head of medusa. i call you a loser
Rain in your brain. do it for the game
Hit you like a train, you are insane
Am the best George havest. Shout to the fathers
Mention the others. f** how you feel
Martin tibil. do it my way. mr jah ways
It's a hard day. stand well O B R A
n***as wanna f** with me ma day
Gezzy. ma friend lil wizzy. always been busy
n***as wanna free me.n***as wanna be me
Now Am i dead, Now Am I Fled
The beast is back, rose and jack
Richi!! Haa!!

(Hook) x2
This a freestylin Ah, Say this a freestyling
Prince Gee Gh, this a freestyling
Am the best, im the beast niqqa

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