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Prince Sani Gee Gh - Hold Me Down lyrics

When We Start Rapping. They Start Laughing.

Now We Rapping, They Start Clapping.

Yo, Gezzy Tell Em What happen Silence!!!!!

(Verse 1)
Start from the cla** room when n***a held a broom.

Been in school is like been a bride and groom Going on honey moon.

Well am tired of school, so I tie my shoe, trying to breaks some rule.

Me and friend yeah we go out, Broke up we end up dropped out.

You know how life is I start rapping back in the nineties.

Was born in the fight of akim and the Ashanti's You call it a mystery, no this a history.

Don't believe that take your camera and picture me.

Yeah It's your prince I say this by dictionary. Believe me or not Imma make you a history.

(Chorus) x4

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Hold, hold me down. Hold. hold me down. Hold. hold me down. Hold me,hold me,hold me down


Yo Yo, You already Know.. We Have Been Through A lot Tho.

With Alo Gang, Deezy Nation, States Empires.

You Already Know. We Go Hardee's, We Do This Erriday Gezzy

(Verse 2)

Heaven heaven yeah you blessed. Feel the pain deep down in the chest.

Not chess don't jump in your nest. You wanna flex deep down in my vest.

Next we are blessed. Feel so depressed, Never regret.

The life yeah you living in, Flowers on the hillside Think about me then think about suicide.

This is real sh** yeah yeah we do or die. Believe or not Imma make a history.

Start from the bottom put me in the top, walking on the streets put me on stop.

We Started from the bottom and we end it ah the top.

(Chorus) x3 Hold,hold me down. Hold. hold me down Hold. hold me down Hold me,hold me,hold me down

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