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Prince Original - Change lyrics

[Intro: Lloyd Banks]
Yeah.. Uh
(Yeah) I like the way that sound
Uh Uh N-N-Now (Low Down..)

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Check, n***a ya feelin like a frog then jump
One leap will bring you from bar to the trunk
From the trunk to the dump
I'mma rain on em, put the chump a slump
Like a rib shot, that's what the customers want
Don't cha, this ain't the typical story
Therefore I don't fall in the category
I'm cool calm and collective
Yukon or tha Lexus, blue chronic for breakfast
To match with the necklace
Dimes hold me down so the rats wanna check this
Reckless, born treacherous warn specialist
Especially if you rest next to me
n***a come testin' me, you get the gun recipe (Pop)
These old n***as want the new boy sound
Actin' like they don't know who holdin' New York down
Yeah I used to buy Nic's
Ten years later now I'm superfly slick
Without a roof on my whip, sh**
I sip a hundred-proof til' I'm ripped
And wave at the haters who got a root canal sick
Tough n***as 'Like to make a scene' so the llama's close
That kind of sh** don't fly like mamma jokes
So they got em long-short, all kinda toast
Boy I dun left sh** trails all around the coast
To places you get around by boat, I get a pound I smoke
I put it down, I'm dope
I'm on scope when I pa** the block
I make traffic stop, a product of everything that made the apple rot
This apple jacks, be long before the platinum plaques
The pro tools and the wax
Take a step back before you catch a contact
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The flows like an M16 with an arm-strap
I'mma bomb on n***as until they can't bomb back
The Hiroshima demeaner, microphone crack

[Hook: Lloyd Banks]
All of sh** changed since a came
Alot came round here, f**in' up the game
Therefore I ain't servin nothin but the pain
You playin, I'm hungry than a mahf**er' mayn'

Rob a store before you walk around poor
Cuz' you ain't gettin' nothin' from me you grown boy
You fuelin' up my fire when you hate
So I'mma lean on ya' til' you make a mistake (I can't wait)

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Until the curtains close
It's just me, the tooly n them purple O's
Endo overload, Drive like I own the roads
These n***as is pus' that's why my shoulders cold
Mac by the toted bow, I'm ridin' filthy in the Beamer'
Cuz' I can have Limina Calina bring to a mister meaner
You drown in deep water, any n***a around come form the street corner
Where you need your heat on ya
I'm on recline, 'til my next CD climbs
Southside, Greedy Dine, red wine, DB9, NYPD grind
Why, it ain't an easy grind
A n***a try to get mine, I'mma feed him nine
And it's graffiti time, n***aaz sprayin ya mural
For try'na by a motherf**in' hero
I'm fresh, fly and flashy, Best guy if you ask me
Jet by on 'em nasty, n***a you in a taxi (I can't wait)


[Outro: Lloyd Banks]
Ha-Haa! Yeah! Uh!

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