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Prince Mononoke the Frozen Shogun - Bag$ lyrics

[Verse 1: Prince Mononoke the Frozen Shogun]
Iced out, lights out
b**h, I be that frozen shogun
Chosen cause I overthrow 'em
Told 'em that I'm ocean flowing
Sliced up night scout
Coming to bring up that Christ doubt
f** a slogan
b**h, you broken by a f**ing golden omen
b**h, I be that low key Prince Mononoke
Ho, please
Bury me but keep my f**ing trophies
Hit the ground with both knees
Slice my belly open
I'm a skeleton with gold teeth
No sleep
Eyes wide open until I'll blinded by the rising sun and when it f**ing sets I won't be waiting on no motherf**ing rising son
f** your God, I'll burn him on the cross
Burning Buddha until my eyes are crossed

Money by the f**ing bag
Chronic by the f**ing bag
Bodies by the f**ing bag
Burn it all, it's all I have

Money by the f**ing bag
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Chronic by the f**ing bag
Bodies by the f**ing bag
Burn it all

[Verse 2: Yung Christ]
I be popping some Mercedes Xans
Carry my b**hes in body bags
$uicideboy with a 59 rag
Cock it back once and the semi goes (bbblllaaattt)
Cock it back twice and the semi goes (bbblllaaattt)
Point I'm trying to make is the semi won't jam
Got a couple b**hes that I call just to get head
One of them is probably your girl
Tell her to s** it, no f**ing
I nut on her bucket then send her right back in your world
Depressed be the set
The grave be my hood
Misunderstood, but f** it I'm cool
Crawling through my city, riding real slow
It's that Yung Miyazaki
b**h, I'm feasting on a ho
Got a tag up on my toe
With some gold around my throat
Dreaming Hiroshima, Nagasaki
b**h, I got to go


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