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Primate - Sweet Dreams (Remix) lyrics

Oh, I was born with gift of the gab
Send this b**h to the back
And have the savages dispatch
Everyone's upset? Getting mad? cuz im the only primate running sh** in his habitat?
Omg look at that
Everything about me is stealth except that noise i make through the speakers
Im creeping around your girls house, why you think im wearing SNEAKERS!
Get it? Ah of course you dont
Getting rid of me? Please you gotta a better chance getting helen keller on the phone!
Dont try to keep up b**h im already gone out doing me?
Mencia has a better shot at coming back in comedy OH!!
Other words, get your robbery on
Take you to school? Please at this point your alumni
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Im in the back of the room having some shrooms but why? cuz im a fungi (fun guy)
Im sick of the sh** that you bump in your whip change the friggin' station and learn how to toon
Your music is so fake and animated that when you cruise around you might as well call that sh** a car-toon!
Step to my platoon?
I wish you would
When your nothing but a kitty chuggin down some lemonade you f**ing sour puss!
Im in the basement bumpin Nirvana Toking and the marijuana
But the way im running circles around ya it will turn your brain to a pile of noodles but i guess that fits you perfect you f**ing impasta!
You stepping right into gotham
If you thinking you gone out shine me on this dark night
Im just a sick pup playing with some wolf's bane tonight
And VICK is short for victory than its no wonder why im a dog on this mic!
b**h I already bite down, on your sub conscious! don't worry my dear I got this
Sit back, relax cuz your looking like a goddess molly kicking in as I sink into the darkness cuz

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