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Priestess - Communicating Via-Eyes lyrics

Last I recall I lost the road
Blind by the night
And walking aimless through the cold
Paralyzed with fear
The sound of howling draws near
I wasn't k**ed but I was mauled
And came to my sense in a hospital
Now I've got the feelings somethings wrong
I fell down my face grew long
The wolf calls unto me
And I feel it now wanting to burst out
I'm being punished by the moon
Oh it pulls me down
I'm a cursed man now
I see a path lit by candle light
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Shadows move through the trees

In the night
I'll hide in the forest just off the road
And a violent end
I'll tear your guts out
Blood awash upon the moor
Stick to the road
Eyes that never see the light cry no more
Sun in the morning will rise
My conscience cast aside
Back to my wearisome walkabout
Thirty days
I'll have to wait it out

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