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Precious - Selfish lyrics

[Hook: Precious]
Should I take it with a blade or use a nine?
Whatever, I just pray I do it right
I probably won't make it through the night
I tell them that it's been a suicide

[Verse 1: Gemstones]
Drowning in depression as the tears pour
Asking yourself what am I here for
Questioning the dear lord
Convinced there's nothing left to live for
Molested when you was a child
By the Chester with the creepy smile
Pressured you to do some things that's really foul
Mom accepted it cause she was in denial
Convinced yourself abuse is love
Which led to your abuse of d**
I bet every time you in the tub
Imagining your body floating in the suds
Contemplating suicide, tried it once but you survived
Standing in the mirror, devil in your eyes!
Should I do it from the front, or shoot it from the side?
Blaming God for what's been done to you, feel he gave you life to punish you
Hurt by everyone you run into
End up walking on you like some running shoes
Always felt you wasn't Momma's best
That you were treated different from the rest
So in your mind you think you worth less
That you ain't worth dirt, you deserve d**h
Imaging your soul tore, on the bathroom on that cold floor
With your back against that closed door
And you slashing it with slow force
Blood running down your wrist
Dripping from your finger tips
Pills causing you to drift
Slipping into the abyss

[Hook: Precious] [Overlay: GemStones]
Walls are starting to close in on you
You can't see your way anymore
Everybody's against you
My God

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[Verse 2: Gemstones]
Your esteem ain't where it need to be
You gotta learn to let these demons free
Let all the suffering within you cease and the small love within you be increased
I speak a prophecy inside your life
That you be guided by a shining light
That you won't die but be a sign of life
That you will fly in undefining heights
That the wings you grow forever soar
That you redeem whatever that was yours
That you have dreams of heavenly rewards
That your esteem forever be restored
That you'll oppose to such a tragedy
That it will never come to pa** and be
That you would rather walk a path of glee and give your troubles to your majesty
I pray you be the head would be the head and not the tail
I pray your footsteps create a trail
I cast depression to the pits of hell
That which you wrestle with shall not prevail
I bind the voices that have conquered you and said the dreams would always run from you
God redeems the just and I'm the proof
You uncling from us you monster you
I speak forgiveness in your rainy soul
That you forgive yourself and gain control
The same dealer dealt the rein to Job
Joy cometh when the rooster crows

[Hook: Precious](x2) [Overlay: Gemstones]
Right now I come against depression
I come against rejection
I come against those demonic spirits that have hindered you
I come against rebellion
I come against abuse I come against regret
I come against anxiety
I come against financial loss
I come against c**aine addiction
I come against h**n abuse
I come against neglect
I come against molestation
I come against worry
I come against self-hatred
I come against anything that has hindered you from the divine will that God has set for your life

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