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Precious Joubert - The 4our Fors lyrics

You were good for then
But are you good for now?
Did you save some for later
Did somebody show you how
To make it last forever forever ever forever ever
Forever forever ever forever ever


V1 (Substantial)
That dollar (dollar)... disappears before we ever reach
Tomorrow (‘morrow)... Now we here tryna' not make a effin…
Mess (Mess) while we do our best (best) 2 stay afloat
Until our d**h (d**h) drowning in this debt (debt) we rocked the boat
But never too broke to get that fix, Arm and a leg to grab dem kicks
Budget balling watch the swish, Nothing but net and snapping flix
But my net worth ain't worth sh**, stuntin' like I'm filthy rich
Tryna look clean coming out the gutta til a brother's in that ditch

I put my pride aside, plan and prioritize/
Be quick to normalize/ no need to lie/ Im living a normal life/ my family got the right to get 1st flight/ 1st things 1st I sew the seed expect my harvest big and bright/ kinda sounds nice/ kinda what I expect tho sh** don't go as / plans / to hold it down and have a son and for him to be the man/
Insurance plan when I transition something like 300 grand/ creating wealth on the low in stealth mode don't ever show your hand/ my people U was good...

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V2 (Greenspan)
Open accounts I'm interested in interest/ more interesting investments/ my OG say I'm too risky/ still profit still scoring/ studying the profit margins/ if I'm that close to the goal line Ima still get 3 regardless/ them numbers keep adding partner/ then partner with fellow martyrs/
This legacy followed by kids that say pops done went the hardest/ I'm down to starve for a second to benefit on the opposite/ side Of the situation let's break bread & split the profit/ already

Actual, factual did what I have to feed my kid
So she don't go without or ever know about what hunger is
Unless we talkin drive, how the hell we gonna thrive spending all we got
On Jordan IV & V, I'm woke as open eyes, get organized
So my kids' kids' kids' kids' are straight, if it's kismet limits will fade
Cuz this sh**'s endin' today, can't be dismissed or wish it away
Gotta plot and plan, I'm talking stocks and grants, plots of land
More than parks and plannin', got me saying, you were, you were


Some live in the past
Some live in the present
Some live in the future
We gon' live forever!
That's always and forever, forever ever forever ever
Always and forever, forever ever forever ever
(Repeat 2x)

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