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Precious Joubert - No Turning Back 2​.​0 lyrics

Go... go... go... gone!

In my rearview, fast living & fast women
That I went thru like underwear & dirty linens
I adhered to the ways of a playa, wanna pimping
Breaking curfews and hearts, spilt'em like partitions
I know… so cold…
Taught to never love'em, yet we act like hoes
See I chose... to grow...
But if I stayed the same would more records be sold (hmmm)
They love it when you don't love'em & abuse'em
Like when you f**'em and dump'em its just amusement
Sick to me you get more publicity when you're coonin'
Yet question your authenticity when your judgement is prudent
That's that bullsh**... I'm past that
Just watch'em how they bend and run quicker than half backs
Y'all would make your a** clap for a check from ASCAP
‘Til your a** capped, never me dog can have that! There is...

No turning back today
Never backwards, forward we go
Go... go... go... gone!

Onward, Upwards
Why look back, my bags packed
Thought I was nuts but when I try to dip... they on the sack
I hush the fuss, watch my six, know the time
My hats off to haters while staying on they mind
My crime is trying to grow while stay true
While they rather love those selling them short. Disgraceful
They telling tall tales, them stories ain't you
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Keep building like I own it, plenty walls to break through
And I can't stop they can't hold me
But people talk like they know me
But they so weak they don't know themselves
Trying to confine me to their hell
But um… I ain't dumbing down to make you feel comfortable
And I ain't slowing down so you can catch up my dude
You live for the lie you don't really want the truth
I don't change for fear my dear, nor a buck two…


My friend… is sadly long gone
I wish… we could make some songs
Or hit... the town and break bread
For kicks… I'm here missing you instead
Watching these clowns bite your style and use your image
Meanwhile they barely gave you your props when you were living
I doubt your family's getting a check it got me livid
Mispronounce your name then act like they knew what you intended
This isn't for the authentic it's meant for the hypocritical
Who diss the dude who spit for you in since the very beginning
Though our bond fractured, was still sought after
They want more cla**ics, I want more laughter
And I could hit them with unreleased material
Since your so-called fans think my solo work is trivial
Unless it's me & you but where's the honor in that
When most of it was subpar or we thought it was wack
Probably be overjoyed if I bought a few tracks
You didn't finished then distribute them all over the map
That's what they're hoping but I'll never f** you over like that
I'll forever honor your memory but there's no turning back


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