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Powda - Nasty Girl lyrics

[Chorus: Powda]
Oooo ah ah
Do you think I'm a nasty giiiirl?
Repeat 2x
[Bridge: Pancho V]
Giiirl you jus a friend to me
Someone to call when I get lonley
Girl I see ya watchin me
Thinkin about when you get lonely
Repeat 2x

[Verse 1: Pancho V]
Walkin to the beach house
Lookin so sparkly
Brought in e beama
Bout to join everybody
On the Mardi Grata
On the island
Do you think I'm a nasty girl?
[Pancho V]
I heard when I looked up
It was Sheryl
With s** apparel
Said she drove a 98 Montero
I said I'm Pancho
I'm about dinero
Head honcho
Girl yo Sancho
Lets pronto
To the condo
Me and you can lay low
And sip Bombo
Before the girl had a chance to respond
Got a rolly in the rush in the beama with a girl named Yvonne
Yvonne was a lil freak that I did last week
IN the back seat
Of her moma's Yukon
Why you trippin?
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We was jus flippin
Only thing on my mind was hittin no commitment

[Chorus: Powda]
Repeat 2x
[Bridge: Pancho V]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 2: Tommy G]
See we bring stars
And candy cars
My sets when you flippin wit me
Undastand I'm the man and that's the way it should be
Condos, optimos, parlayin pimpin like Styl
Take a flight to relax in Camino goin buck wild
In the room poppin zoom
Straight getting on your
For weeks the sheets and bathroom sinks
And these carpet and floors
And friend when it all started jus to f** in the end
Say my name play the game then we start it again
So if you wanna make a star
Baby take it so far
Eatin shrimp
Free drinks from the bar
Always first cla** brands
Mafio dividend
Push it to the limit
While I'm in it name the place and when

[Chorus: Powda]
Repeat 2x
[Bridge: Pancho V]
Repeat 1x
Do you think I'm a nasty girl
[Girl fades to end]

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