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Poodieville - Hoes Ain't Loyal lyrics


Man, these hoes ain't loyal

Man, these hoes ain't loyal
They ain't nothing to invest in
She gon tell you she love you dawg
Then go and f** your bestfriend
Then she hit you with that line
Like "I think we should be friends"
So y'all break up on Monday
She s**ing dick by the weekend
I swear my ex, she a demon
Went and f**ed a n***a in the same bed we sleep in
sh** I ain't believe it
I was out working, she was on creeping
Came home early and I caught the n***a leaving
I'm like Damn, that's deep as sh**
See, I don't hit women but I beat that b**h
Nah I'm playing but I really had to treat that trick
Looked the n***a in his eyes and told him "Keep that b**h"
So this a letter to my ex b**h
You the reason why ima dog out my next b**h
You the reason why my heart is cold as sh**
You the reason why I call a b**h a b**h
I mean, look at what I did for you
Every time you was down I was there for you
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Girl I payed for your weed
Your weave
Your hair
Your nails
Your toes
The clothes
The shoes on your feet cause I cared for you
But you changed on me
So much pain on me
I won't lie I was walking in the rain homie
They ain't loyal, they ain't loyal
Real sh** and I know you feel the same homie
Yeah, that's my ex and I miss ya
SIKE, b**h I tricked ya
I know you mad cause you see me getting richer
And P.S I f**ed your sister

Skrt x5
I'm just flexin' on my ex and then I
Skrt x3

Girl I'm done with you
I thought we said its done its through
I f**ed your sister for revenge
And I won't lie sh** I'd probably f** again
Skrt skrt

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