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Poodieville - Ten Toes Challenge freestyle lyrics

Verse 1 -They graved in my blood Im so ease mode if you ain't bout that life what you in these streets for you just punk faking you a wanna be this ain't no game niggas really tried to murder me i play the game i play the cold i can play the block im too observant trying to see if niggas fake or not

Verse 2: they hate alot they say i talk about the pain a lot them niggas bitches they just really want the fame i got they just really want the life i live i had a dream and went for it damn right i did im just speaking from the heart i ain't write this shit wheres my black and mild hold on let me light this bitch
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Verse 3 : thinking bout my life and shit and how my girl wasn't faithful in our relationship i can't believe she cheated on me swear i hate that bitch i hope she die and go to hell and Satan rape that bitch and i just fucked a niggas baby mama and ill be honest with you i ain't never have no Honor i was raised in that pool with all them Parana and it was get it how you live and you won't live to longer nigga .. my life is far from normal my daddy died i had to be a man and help my mama it feels good to see your mama count a couple commas a young black nigga did this shit without a father

Verse 4 : and thats as real as it gets ima rapping ass nigga but still with the shit i can't wait to tell my ex now look bitch im rich i was destined for this shit and destined to win feel nigga

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