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Polar Levitation Group - Last Dance lyrics

The summer was hot and long,
on the beach dance with you.
Almost supernatural,
day and night the sky was blue.
Spend so many nights on the party
life was true on the beach like paradise
we dance to dance, O
The thunder wasn
on the shine of full moon
Trip the light fantastic in the island of love
We got time from universe,
We knew that everything can change one day,

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I need you to night
Please, hold me tight
One more dance with you

The last moments dying away,
hope will see again some day
I put my fingers through your hair
Soon you will be gone.
The time is ticking you away
Thunder on the bay, O
the very last dance with you.
I wished the summer last forever, I do.
I see you walking by the sea where water
was stormy and you wave to me, O

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